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Fit Before 40 , We Can Rebuild Him.....2012 Log..

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no..started getting some pain in my reconstructed left Achilles..it is why i am doing bodyweight exercises to get more flexible..I think part of the problem is it does take a long time to heal..I am doing a lot more walking though..i do want to get back to the couch to 5k though.

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Yeah, injuries suck! I'm wishing you the very best! I just completed the program and ran my first 5K race yesterday, as you know from FB, and it felt so great! I wish that for you, too! But, most of all, I just want you to feel at your best, however you get there!

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well today my workout consisted of raking and digging for 2 and half hours transfering a flower garden into a veggie garden and doing the thing dog owners love doing every spring after winter ..other than that been walking and doing body weight squats a lot, smacking bob around (no real program yet though) and I'll be starting Tai Cheng workout sometime this week..working on my flexibility and this should be really good to help with my rehab too..




also ordered a couple tubs of vega one natural flavor from Veganessentials as well as a Vegan Bodybuilding and fitness tshirt...

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I am Back! Last few months have been stressful and my fitness (lack of) went to hell.Finances, Family member moving, Stress at work and overall depression and anxiety issues have all played a role in my downward spiral.Well here I am making a comeback and crawling out of this whole I dug myself into.I quit the gym so most of my working out will be from home now.I bought Body Beast last week and today was day one on that..This is going to be a challenge! so with this 90 day workout program, walking and trying to get back into yoga...cant wait to get back into shape...




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