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HELP!!! Mother forcing vegetarianism on me!!!


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Since she is so sure eggs and dairy will make you healthy, have her watch "Forks Over Knives" and/ or read "The China Study." These show the negative health effects of a non-plant-based diet, esp one including dairy. It's a powerful doc. She will understand your health reasons for not consuming animal products.

You can take flax seed oil and DHA capsules. You guys can research vegan supplements together.


Also, get substitutes for eggs, butter, milk. Vegweb.com has thousands of vegan recipes and about every substitution imaginable. Cook with her some nights-- show her how easy it is to veganize many dishes-- esp apple pie! Find lots of great vegan recipes, fix them with her for Vegan Night for the family. Wash your own dishes.


Your veganism can help you two bond-- then your mother will view your food choices in a positive light. Now, she is seeing them as separating you from the family and making you unhealthy. Change the way she views them and change her attitude about them.



Thanks. Yeah I already have egg substitutes etc, but my mother just doesn't like the fact I am vegan. She has heard more bad about soy products etc throughout her life than good and my sister showing her research stating soy letchin attacks the brain didn't help either. Howwever, i will try to get her to watch forkss over knives as i own it but my mother is pretty set in heer beliefs and I am not 1005 sure eit will convince her of my decisions. It is definately worth an attempt though!


Thanks again

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I don't know what all this talk is about soy lechtin attaking the brain. I've read that it is a good source of Choline which is part of the B group of vitamins and helps the nervous system as well as cellular tissue function.


Maybe you should find science that debates what your sister is bringing up or even debate the diet she ate when she was vegan. When young people tend to go vegan they tend to not eat well at all potato chips and garbage etc. See what she ate as that is probably part of her problems.


Figt back wit facts and science. Find papers on the poor health effects of animal products dairy products etc.

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