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Mary's Blissful Plant Based Journey to a Figure Competition

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Hey everyone! My name is Mary and I want to someday compete in a figure competition. I really do not care where I place but I just want to train and compete!!!! I live a plant based lifestyle and I feel amazing! Right now I am 128lbs and have a body fat of 20%. I am 5"5'...or 5"4' haha


I am a huge animal lover and I want to share my plant based lifestyle with the world. I would also love to hear suggestions along my journey because I am a constant learner! I hope you all will follow my journey and I hope to also help others on here.


I also love this journal for accountability. I am here for you all as well...Feel free to message me at any time.


Today I really did not eat enough at all but I am forcing myself to post my meals. This is embarrassment and is not the norm...I was running around like crazy!


Omg i am so afraid to post this because I ate HORRIBLE today but we all have bad days and I want to show that


1) Peanuts w/ a peach (that was my breakfast...horrible)

2) 2 pieces of Ezekial bread with vegan lunch meat and mustard

3) 5 Strawberries

4) A banana

5) Kale with Tempeh and cord

6) Chocolate Protein drink with almond milk

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