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Big Vegan Bench

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Hi guys,


Have been a vegan for 2 weeks now and at least 80% raw


Throughout the 2 weeks, i had slight headaches and some cravings but now i feel so so so much better. I was def travelling down the wrong path in life (smoking,drugs and shit food), all have ceased 3 weeks ago i could not put my socks or shoes due to being a prat and causing injury, this really hit home! since the injury i have had time to sort my head and body out.

I went for my maxes on the big 3 in the past few days-


Bench - 170kg (374lb)

Deadlift - 220kg (484lb)

Squat - 210kg (462lb)


Body weight 100kg (225lb)

Anyway, i have gone vegan for life but i am a mission to hit a 200kg bench and hit 10%bf all at the same time, So i shall be posting my benching program for everyone to see


Peace and love

Dave x

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@ jungleinthefrunk - was being stupid in the gym with a weight and pulled my back and hamstrings, in result i couldn't bend over to do anything.


@veganessentials - always found the bench come naturally but the squat has being a killer for me, my pb for squat dead and bench are 300/280/190kg, so still have a very long way to go ... is that you in your pic bud?


ps have tried loading the deadlift, but not letting me load an mp4

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Definitely impressive with those numbers, Dave - was the 300kg squat raw or with a suit? Regardless, that's a big number, but if it was just without a suit, that's even more impressive!


Yep, avatar pic is of me during my days when I was coming in around 275 lbs. back about 6 years ago prior to some back injuries that have messed with my training since that time. About 30 lbs. less these days, just working to rebuild back up without getting quite as fat this time around

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@Fallen_horse - cheers buddy


@Veganessentials - squat was not in a suit, but not raw as i used kneee wraps for it. in your avi you look huge matey, how long have you been vegan for? Back injures suck, was it serious?


i loaded a video of me doing 270kg deadlift

blues are 20kg, yellow are 15kg then there is a red on the end 10kg
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Dave - Just knee wraps makes 660 mighty impressive, did you compete in powerlifting in the past, or are you just naturally strong as hell? Deadlift video looked easy as can be, nice work!


I've been vegan for a bit over a decade, always a naturally big guy but didn't start training until about 23, then started getting hurt a lot in my early 30s after messing up my back in my first stronman comp (strained both QLs on each side of spine, unknown possible disc damage as well according to osteo I visited). Last 6 years have been simply about trying not to get hurt while getting the old strength levels back and beyond, lots of good month/bad month back-and-forth with recurring back problems that really kept me from going anywhere for a long time. Just starting to re-learn new squat and deadlift technique that seems to be helping, so I've got a half decade of losses to make up for! I'm hoping to eventually squat and deadlift 600 lbs. each while keeping bodyweight at 260 or below (I'm back at 240, still got lots of room to grow), old PRs were 545 DL (I didn't deadlift for over a year before my injuries started, put all focus on squatting for a stretch, no idea where I could have gone with it if I'd kept up on it) and 525 raw squat/500x3, my bench always sucked and I quit when I hit 315 years ago. Since the lower body stuff is coming along slowly, I'm putting more work back into benching, hoping to hit 350+ raw at some point! Sorry for the long background report on that one

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