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Some advice on supplements

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Firstly hello all, First post!


Ok I have switched from being a middle distance/long distance runner about four months ago & have made some good gains. I've put on roughy 2 & a half stone in weight, managed to bench 100kg for 6x3 working sets the first time recently (this was my first little benchmark I use to struggle on 60kg) & would like to continue "bulking"


I just needed a little advice on supplements. The more I read the more things I find to take! This is my supp intake at present:


Multi vit, gluecosamine, Glutamine, iron supp & I've just placed an order for some aminos & also have been lookin into flaxseed oil.


My protein in take comes from an all in one before training & after I take mutant whey with creatine. Have just finished the loading phase of



How does this compare or sound? Am

I ok or could I be making any changes? Any advice would be amazing.



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