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Hi from the uk


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Hi all,


Quick intro. I've been vegetarian now coming up two years & found the transition easy.


I used to be over weight at 93kg & 5 ft 10". I dropped a lot of weight in 5-6 months (65kg at my slightest) through running, high reps & keysi fighting method.


I've now dropped all cardio besides walking to from work which is over an hr each day & soley working on bulking. Have put on almost 2 & a half stones with good clean foods (mostly).


Looking to meet/speak to others.

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@Ruiz, Not sure what to tell really haha do you know the Malvern area? I lived there for a couple of yrs below the hills & I use to do 20+miles a week over them running.


I have been self teaching myself spanish for a few years & that's how I came across keysi, Do you know of it? As it originates from Spain.



@Belle, KFM is about the most functional art I have studied. I've trained martial arts for a long time & In everyday life Keysi is perfect. But it's not a martial art as such really.


Have tried Krav Maga & did't think much of it tbh.

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Wow..learning Spanish! K tal lo llevas tio?¿ jajajj


I have no idea what keysi is or Krav Maga!! We have a martial arts school next to the house but they only teach the typical martial arts we all know about...


I used to go running too, but over the yorkshire moors until i screwed up my achiles tendon so now I just work out in the gym when I can make enough time XD. Anyway, hope you enjoy this community. There is lots of cool information here and lots of people willing to help!

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