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Bulking phase

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Ok so I'm just kicking off my third week of a 12 week plan. I switched from being a long distance runner, toning with high reps to soley lifting. Purely to gain size.


I work on a 4 day split. I work continental shifts so training fits in with this.


16th oct: Back & biceps. I focus more on lats this week for back.


Hyperextensions 4xfailure in 25 reps, weighted



Reverse grip pulled down. 1 warmup set then 3xfailure in 12 reps increasing weight

Wide grip pull down. 3xfailure in 12-15reps increasing weight

Hammer & reverse grip chins 4xfailure (alternating grips)

Bentover barbell rows 4X10 reps (various grips)



Alternating curls. 1xwarmup then 3Xfailure in 13 reps


To finishes biceps I did mc preacher curls 3xfailure in 10 reps then super setted with spider curls till failure, also 3x...


Monday 17th: Shoulders,Abs & Calves.




Front & side raises superset 1xwarm up then into 3xfailure in 12 reps per movement

Seated press 1xwarm up 2xfailure in 8 reps 1xfailure in 20 reps

Upright rows with a wide,medium & narrow grip. 7,7,7x3

Bent over raises 15x4 superset with calf raises, weighted & body wight so failing between 15-30 reps


To finishes with abs superset crunches, v'ups & leg raises. All 3 is one set so 3x failure.


I apologise if any words have been changed as am using my iPhone to post. It's also fiddley to do a nice lay out of info so shall try using laptop next time.

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To days workout below, The superset right at the end had myself & my workout buddy laughing hard. Trying to do the close pushups were hilarious.


Decline barbell Press:

2 warm-up sets of 8-10 reps

3 sets to failure in 6-8 reps


Straight Arm Pullovers:

2 sets to failure 10-12 reps


Incline Flyes:

3 sets to failure 10-12 reps

1 drop set to failure


Seated chest press

3 set to failure


Overhead Tricep Extensions:

1 sets to failure 25reps

2 drop sets to failure



3 sets to failure 12-15 reps



Lying Dumbbell Extensions:

3 sets to failure 10-12 reps


Narrow Pushups:

3 sets to failure



Bench Dips:

3 sets to failure 12-15 reps

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Flat as a pancake today.Only got a couple hours sleep yday after finishing a night shift stink. Got round seven hours sleep last night but I didn't want to get up today. Struggled on hack squat. I can usually max out the load with 250kg & hit 20ish reps. The 100 rep drop set killed me.


Two days off now so will hit back hard Monday:


Leg Extensions:

2 warmup sets of 8-10 reps

1 drop set of 100 total reps


Leg Press:

2 warm-up sets of 8-10 reps

3 rest-pause sets to failure in 30 reps


Standing Hamstring Curls:

1 warm-up set of 8-10 reps

3 sets to failure in 20 reps


Hack Squats:

2 warm-up sets of 8-10 reps

3 rest-pause sets to failure in 30 reps


This finishes week three of the twelve week plan I'm following at present.

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Ok not quite sure what happended today! I moved a few weeks ago & dead lifted the day after. I hurt my lower back through the moving & putting furniture together. All week my back was stiff but come following Monday I felt good. But half way through my working sets My back went again. I haven't hit dead lifts now for a few week, Instead using hyperextensions to hit my back.


Today I dead lifted & my left hand grip was shot after my two warm up sets. On my first working set I was hanging on by my nails almost, After two reps my hands was just opening & I couldn't do a thing to stop it. Even my wraps did nothing, So I went light & just hit reps. Feel deflated as I really filled my face & got early nights ready for hitting dead's. Todays workout below


Back & Biceps


dead lifts: 2x warm up sets then not quite sure what I did after

Bent over rows 1xwarm up 3xworking sets failing by 12 reps

Wide grip chins 3xfailure

Cable pull downs 3xfailure




Seated rows & underhand lat pull downs. Both 3xfailure




3 sets of 21's curls

Machine spider curls 2xfailing by 6 reps (heavy) then a final set with a triple drop set

Laying down cable curls 3xfailure

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I have tried the under/over grip & just found it pulled on my bicep to much. Also the overhand grip felt more comfy. I think maybe my outter forearms just lost a little strength while I rested my back. The grip hook looks interesting will give that a bash


Don't know why I've not posted the weights, not a conscious thing. I never make notes on what I lifted I can always remember:)

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The hook grip is really sore on your thumb but if you just bare it it should work.


You might be able to remember what you lifted last week, but I can assure you you won't remember as the months go past (unless of course you're not adding weight to the exercises, lol)

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Maybe ill start using the notes on my iphone or something but I always go heavier with each set/each week so would it really matter what I lifted a month ago if I know I'm now lifting more (genuine question not a know it all response:)


My bench is the biggest improvement. I can bench 100k now for 3x6 working sets & I almost did 8 the other day but my partner for some reason decided to try taking the bar off me haha


How do you find squatting going beyond parallel? Squats are a strong point of mine but I only go parallel as I'm scared of pulling my back (had a few injuries over a life time from sports & work)

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It's as simple as guaging progress, so you can see what training cycles/methods worked compared to others. It's quite common to plateau at some point, and logging weights over time is a good way to look back and try and see what went wrong. Also beating rep maxes can be motivating, you're not always going to remember your 1RM/2RM/3RM/4RM etc for every lift, or how long ago it was you hit them.


If you built up deep squats gradually over time like any other lift there's no more risk of injury than any other exercise. How deep you can go will depend on your flexibility and bar position, you generally don't want your lower back to round (I have a problem with this when I go too deep, excessive tailbone tucking). Never been injured from it.


I would just take parallel as an absolute maximum for how high you go. When you start squatting higher I'd take a bit of weight off and work on getting them a bit deeper again.


As far as what I feel when I go deeper, a lot more hamstrings haha. And a shitload more work, it's a long way up haha.

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Awesome advice. Think I may grab a little pad from wh smiths


I can free weight parallel squat a solid 150kg for 10 reps. Hack squat 250kg but they don't feel like you lift anything.

Maybe when I hit legs this week I'll strip some weight off & see how far I can get down. I think being a long distance runner over hills ect in the Malvern area of England gave me the strength in my legs.


Cheers for replying man, pretty damn cool

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So after last weeks problems with my hand/forearms this seems to of passed. I didn't really push on the deads because of this last week but two days after my hand/forearms feeling fine so next week I'll be pushing the Dinosaur Training methods by kubik in compounds.


This weeks workouts:


Sunday 30/10/11


Dead lift: 2x warm ups at 60k & 80k

1x8 100k 2x8 120k


Chins with wide grip & hammer grips: wide grip 1x11 1x8, Hammer grip 1x15 1x13


Bent over rows 1x60k 15 reps 1x10 80k 1x8 90k stripped weight down to 60k after this to do 1xFailure


Seated lat row machine: 1x12 50k 1x8 70 k 1x8 70 drop set into 1x6 50k


Resistive bicep curls, 1x20 on 7th yellow plate 1x15 on 2nd red plate 1x8 4th rep plate the. A strip down in weight to 1xfailure


Incline curls: 1x15 24k 1x10 28k 1x9 28k drop set into 24k till failure


Mc spider curls 2x12 reps 25k 1x12 drop set down to 15k 1xfailure.


Monday 31/10/2011


Front shoulder raises: 10k plates x20, 1x15 25k 1x13 25k 1x10 25k


Seated db press (this is a weakness of mine) 1x12 40k 1x12 48k 1x10 52 drop set into 40k x failure


Mc side raises: 1x10 45 plate 1x10 50 plate 1x8 50 plate drop set down to 35 plate failure


Bent over raises: 4x15 28k


Shrugs: 1x12 2x10 76k db


Mc press: 1x20 77k 1x12 84k 1x10 91k drop set 1x7 77k


superset abs with leg raises; 20k weighted crunches & an roller. All 20-30 reps x 3


My eating been good this past week too

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So today I started my new 5x5 compound movement. I dropped down to 90kg on the bench (had been lifting 100kg) as the sets are now in a 5 not a 3.

Workout felt solid & intense. On the last two sets I felt really good & banged out the reps. Think next week I shall go for 95kg.


My eating has been good the last few days but I may start dropping calories on none lifting days. Also not what but when I eat needs a little adjusting. Eating 100g of pasta at 16:00 leaves me full to long so when my evening meal is due I have to force it down!




Flat barbell bench:

1x12 50kg warm up

1x8 70kg warm up

5x5 90kg working sets


Bar dips body weight:

12x2 1x18 Solid last set pleasing


Incline dumbbell presses:

1x12 60kg

2x9 60kg


Cable tricep pulldown:

1x20 50 plate

1x12 55 plate

1x10 60 plate


Cable flys:

3x12 30 plates each side


Cable Kick back (weakness of mine kick backs):

per arm: 1x10 4th green plate

1x8 5th green plate

1x13 4th green plate


Right shoulder started aching a bit on the kick backs.

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Leg day today. Started doing the full deep squats in the 5x5. Everything felt really good & felt strong. Will push the squats to 110kg next week as I still had a lot in my tank when done with squats.





1x20 free bar(20k)

1x15 70k

5x5 100k


Stiff leg dead lifts (first time doing these so took it easy):

3x10 70k

5x2 80k


calve raises:



Leg press:

1x15 150k

1x10 200k

1x13 230k

Threw in calve pushes with these 3xfailure


Leg extensions:

50 rep running rack. Started on 77 plate, Ten reps then move up a plate.


Weighted calve raises:

10x3 124 plate


Laying ham curls just to have a final burn:

2x15 30 plate

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Awake 24 hrs by the time I got into the gym. Pretty solid workout. 5x5 on the deads at 100kg to get a bench mark in the new rep/set ranges.  Grip is loads better now & prob push the weight to 110kg next week. Always had a weak lower back so may take a little time to make any major leaps




Dead lift

 1x15 45k

1x10 60k

1x8 80k 

5x5 100

1x1 120k (just to sample the weight)


Hammer chins 12-8

Wide grip 8-8


Barbell rows-underhand grip

1x15 60k

1x10 80k

1x15 80k

1x8 90k


Bicep dumbbell curls

1x20 20k

Triple drop set, 1x8 32k 1x8 28k 1x8 20 k.  X2 


 Horizontal bicep cable curls.

1x15 45 plate

1x8 50 plate

1x10 50 plate drop into 1x10 35 plate 


Cable narrow row:

1x15 42 plate

1x10 56plate

1x7 70 plate

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8th nov.




Decline bench:

20xfree bar

1x15 50k

1x12 70k

5x5 90k





S mc incline: Warm chest back up

1x15 50k


Seated chest press:

1x15 40k

1x10 50k

1x7 60k


French press into close grip bench, 10 reps French into 10 close grip = one set:


3x10 35 k


Cable chest, 21's. 7 high 7 medium 7 low:


X2 6th yellow plate


Tricep pull down: whole stack:


1x7 32.9

1x8 32.9

1x8 32.9

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Squats felt good. Defiantly more in my tank after finishing the 5x5 but as this was only the second workout going fully deep I don't want to run before I can walk. Will push 110k next week I think.


The stiff leg dead lifts didn't feel quite right. Think I need to get the technique down still so I just stripped the weight to make sure my hamstring were engaged as I was feeling more my lower back.



Free bar x20





5x5 105kg


Stiff  legged deads:

1x8 50k

1x5 60k

1x5 80k

1x5 50k


Leg press:

1x15 150k

1x12 200k

1x8 240k

3xfailure on calve pushes after each set


Leg curls:

3x77 10


Calves raises:

3x 10 134 plate 


Laying ham curls

1x10 45

1x8 50


Food has been good las few days. Plenty of wholefoods & greens:)

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Just shoulders had to be done today. My pressing is steadily improving. Need to be careful as the joint on the left should feels terrible even when I steady the bar to squat. Solid workout blasted through it.



1x20 24 k

1x15 36k

1x12 48k

1x10 52k

1x7 56k


Cable side raises:

1x10 15 plate 

2x8 15 plate


Rear raises

1x15 20k

2x12 24k

1x15 24k


Shrugs in small frame:


2x10 70k


21's up right rows:

Wide, med & narrow grips

7-7-7x2 35k

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So today was first session on powerlifting routines. Dropped a day off my usual 4 day split & now focusing on more the big moves. Everything felt great & I hit every weight I wanted to lift.


More pleasing were my dips. These use to kill my sternum so I just persevered & found the right width to hit my triceps. Trial & error.

Squats were great again & I feel confident I'll be progressing well with these.


Cheers to chewybaws for some great advise.


Bench press:

1x20 free bar

1x12 50K

1x10 70K

5x5 92.5k



1x16 Bodyweight

1x10 +5k

1x18 +5

1x12 +10k


Upright Rows:

1x20 free bar

1x20 60K

1x15 80K

1x10 80K

1x5 100K



1x20 free bar

1x15 60k

1x10 80K

5x5 110k


superset squats with tricep pull downs


1x15 x3 Whole stack 32.9k

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