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Bulking phase

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A new health food shop has opened in my city. Same people who had one which closed down about a year ago. They stock a good range of hemp/pea/soy protein.


Also a lot of things like vegan cheeses (it's basically plastic I swear down), smoked tofu ect. It's just so expensive...may try a s bag of pea protein, not holding much hope for taste mind. Most important they stock zest & their vegan pesto's...literally this is pure sex in a jar, boom.

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Phewww, Night shift. Pretty beat & tired, what you get working shifts. Dragged my ass through this " title="Applause" />


Main lift:


Deadlift (not programmed & light all 5 reps): 60kg 70kg 80kg 100kg x2


Assistance again from Matt Kroc's program:


Barbell rows: 60kg x8 70kg 2x8 Easy enough so will increase weight after deload


Lat pull downs: light for warm up 2x10 then 3x12 with the 63 plate. Used these to stretch my lat which has been sore the last few weeks...might do these & pull ups on a rotating idea.


T-bar rows: 40kg x8 50kgx8 60kg x8


Dumbbell rows: 36kg x10 34kg x10 32kg x10


Ab work: side bends with 20kg plate 35 reps, cable crunch with the whole stack 20 reps

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Cycle 1 week 3 (5/3/1)


Main lift


OHP: (warm up sets all 5 reps 20kg 25kg 30kg) 37.5kg x5 42.5kg x3 47.5kg x1+6




Shoulder complex: 8kg dumbbells, 10 reps front raise 10 reps side raise 10 reps rear raise...x3


Barbell curls: x2 light sets then 3x10 with 30kg barbell


seated shoulder press: 40kg 2x12 60kg x8 shoulders pretty beat after the complex


seated hammer strength preacher curls: 20kg x15 25kg 1x12 1x10


Abs: Hanging knee raises 35 reps

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...Also a lot of things like vegan cheeses (it's basically plastic I swear down)...


I have to agree there - most of the vegan cheeses I've tried either taste like I've melted one of my son's toys or have nearly no flavor at all. I'm OK with the no flavor variety, as it just adds substance to whatever I put it in. My wife found one mock Mozzarella that was OK. If I remember to ask her I'll post the brand. Personally I could care less about the cheese, but one of the reasons my wife's not vegan yet is that she doesn't want to give up cheese so she tries to find substitutes but to no avail.

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Thurs-19th-July Cycle 1 week 2 (5/3/1)


Main lift


Bench press: (warm up sets all 5 reps 37.5kg 45kg 55kg) 70kg x5 77.5kg x3 87.5kg x1+6




Close grip bench programmed: 47.5kg x10 55kg x10 62.5kg x5


Incline bench programmed: 47.5kg x10 55kg x10 62.5kg x10


push downs: 45 plate x15 55 plate x15 65 plate x10


seated side loadable chest press: 40kg x15 40kg x10 60kg x10


cable flyes: 3x15


Single arm push downs: 3x20

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Yeah, training is going really well. My wifes' cousins cousin is racing in the Womans triathlon tonight (check out the last post in my log to see who she is lol), so will be an exciting night of shouting and cheering at the TV with all of her family. I think she's going to do well, if she's off the bike fast and one of the first onto the run she should be locked in for a medal. I've had access to her training, and she's running a shade over 30mins for the 10km (same speed as the men). She is one of the fastest runners in the race and I think a lot of the girls aren't expecting her newly found speed. I know she's spent a lot of time getting a faster sprint as well in case it comes down to that.

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Sounds awesome! Fair play! In all honesty I've not watched a second of the Olympics, that's pretty bad!


My dad is getting to goto the paralympics! He's staying in the village & will get a couple of nights there & he'll see the basket ball. Going as the supermarket he works for sponsors the para's.

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