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Bulking phase

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Great writing mate.


I've never been a massive advocate of bulking as most people see it. I believe weight should be added consistently and slowly over a longer period so that your body can recognise the changes. How can it adapt if you blow up 20lb in a month? It can't ~ and you'll just end up losing it at some point. Gain fast, lose fast.


If you read through the last couple of pages of my journal you might notice that I'm gaining at the moment, this is deliberate and being done gradually through application of high quality foods/calories, an incremental fortnightly increase in calories and a slightly altered macro profile.


Everyone has opinions on this but many people never get the results, that's why I tend not listen to anyone and just figure it out for myself. Sometimes firsthand experience is just as valid as what science or studies dictate.


thats great advice, always try and figure things out for yourself is the best.. always listen to yourself


i plan on starting bulking soon, i have my BMR worked out its just trying to figure out how many calories to add on to gain weight (taking into account adding burned calories from exercise everyday onto the BMR)


i am working out in the privacy of my own home, what do you think of the devices (watches) you can get to wear during exercise to figure out calories burned? im thinking that way at least you might get something more accurate than using any online calculators.

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