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Hey everyone,


I've literally just joined, however have been reading the forum posts on and off for around two months now.


I have been a Vegetarian for 3 years, and now Vegan for 2 months and counting!

I became vegan because I came across the video 'Meat Video' online, and it opened my eyes to the true horror of the dairy industry; of which I literally had no idea previously. I can't quite believe I was no nieve and/or ignorant.

Nevertheless my previously meateating fella has now turned Vegan too, as I explained to him about the dairy industry, and also showed him just how much great stuff we can cook!

I've also quit smoking for 7 months now and have been an inconsistent gym-user for 3 years.


Of late, (especially since turning Vegan) I've really upped my schedule at the gym, and my dedication.


Along with my current schedule of training (listed briefly below), I've now got a *gulp* full 7 day schedule with my days off being filled with newly acquired classes:

Sundays - Chest training 1 x hour, and Yoga class 1 hour and 10 minutes,

Mondays - Legs training 1 x hour,

Tuesdays - Belly Dancing class 1 x hour,

Wednesdays - Military Muscle class 1 x hour,

Thursdays - Arms training 1 x hour,

Fridays - Shoulders training 1 x hour,

Saturdays - Back training 1 x hour.


I'm really into the vegan cooking too, having never really been a fan of being in the kitchen previously; even as a vegetarian - I was probably more out of shape being a vegetarian than I would have been a meat eater! - I consumed so much processed 'foods' and readymade vegetarian meals, and SO much dairy. I hold a lot of shame for that now I realise the full extent of the dairy industry.


I also have a schedule meal plan - to make sure I'm eating enough protein and everything else; this includes a lot of Quinoa, tofu and vegetables!


I'm really happy to be here, and look forward to finding out more tips and tricks, recipes, ingredients, workout plans and generally chatting to you guys about what we have in common - cruelty-free lifestyles and being fit!



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