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Vegan Stereotypes and Mass

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Hey guys,


I have noticed from my reading in your forums (which are great by the way) that a large amount of your members still (whilst well muscled) fit the small stereotype body of a Vegan.


I would like to hear from some of your larger members and what they are doing training and eating to keep mass for those of us that are over the 110kg range (242lbs)...............

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I'm 110.5 at the moment.


I eat lots - 6 meals, 200g protein average, 3500-4000 calories. Lift heavy.


edit: I tend to gain weight easily, so I don't go crazy with the calories. some days might only be 3000.

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I second what Sosso said - there's no trick to keeping mass on a vegan diet any more than there is on an omni diet. Plenty of calories and lots of protein, it's that easy (I have been up to just under 130kg in years past, now holding tight around 108-110kg).


Theres's nothing magical in meat or dairy - get good quality food and don't miss out on the protein, train hard, and it all works out

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