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Pursuit of a Green Planet - New Film Project


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A friend of mine has been working on a documentary film for the past 3 or 4 years. I'm contributing in various ways. Please check it out:


Trailblazing Vegan Bodybuilder Robert Cheeke teams up with Pursuit of a Green Planet for new film project


New documentary film poised to become boldest voice of health-consciousness movement in hip hop October 25, 2011 -


Pursuit of a Green Planet is more than just a film project. Producer Keith Tucker is a living experiment, as he makes the radical transition from your average American diet and lifestyle to one that is truly vegan, organic, and green. As part of his 30- day film crowd-funding campaign, Keith Tucker and Robert Cheeke team up to promote National Home Vegan Potluck Tweetup's in an effort to encourage people to contribute to the 30 day funding campaign. http://www.indiegogo.com/PursuitofaGreenPlanet/


Film contributors will also enjoy the new book “Vegan Bodybuilding and Fitness”. One of the world's most recognized vegan body builders presents a comprehensive guide to building a fit body while eating a plant-based diet. Author Robert Cheeke inspires people to develop magnificent bodies. His passion for doing the most amount of good while causing the least amount of harm has inspired athletes, trainers, and anyone interested in a strong, healthy body. This book includes information on the most important things to consider in order to be a successful vegan bodybuilder including the best way to put together vegan meal programs and training regimens, how to find sponsorship and make bodybuilding a career, and where to find access to vegan products, services, and equipment. There is also advice on how to take bodybuilding beyond a personal endeavor and use it for activism and outreach.


Pursuit of a Green Planet is hosting the National Home Potlucks Tweetup on Saturday, November 5, 2011 at 3 PM. Invite your friends to bring a brown bag or potluck item to gather at your home for community gatherings around the nation at 3 PM in each time zone. This Tweetup will rally support around the film project’s 30 day Indiegogo campaign and will bring people together for this new health movement. Connect on Twitter and Facebook to chat with celebrities, hip hop stars, artists, community leaders, environmental activists and health experts using the hashtag #HipHopisGreen.


Throughout the 30 day campaign, tweetup contributors will receive products from some of the leading people in the new vegan green movement in Hip Hop. And a lucky winner will receive a signed copy of Robert Cheeke’s new book “Vegan Bodybuilding and Fitness” “I greatly look forward to watching this project unfold and I trust Keith Tucker to deliver an outstanding production. Promoting conscious living is a big part of my life and I am honored to be involved in this project." Says Robert Cheeke Pursuit of a Green Planet's 30-day film funding campaign using the crowd-funding platform Indiegogo. "We choose to use "crowd-funding" because it is a new innovative way for creative arts projects like ours to make our vision a reality. Plus, it allows us to reach out to the very people who are concerned and affected by the issues we are examining in the film," said Keith Tucker.


Vegan Body Building and Fitness is now being offered as an extra added perk of the 30-day fundraising campaign at the” Plant Level” and above at www.indiegogo.com/pursuitofagreenplanet. Robert Cheeke Robert Cheeke grew up on a farm in Corvallis, OR and at age 15 decided to give up meat for good. Months later he became a full on vegan and began organizing Animal Rights events at Corvallis High School and was very active in the community working on a variety of environmental issues. He helped start recycling programs, protested the clear cutting of forests, and was heavily involved in Food Not Bombs, feeding vegan meals to the public. Robert is the co-founder of C-VEG, a Corvallis-based Vegan group, a former Board Member for non-profit groups Organic Athlete and Northwest VEG in Portland, and the Founder and President of Vegan Bodybuilding & Fitness. Currently Robert works full-time for Sequel Naturals as a National representative for Vega, a line of vegan whole-food products, and also works full-time running Vegan Bodybuilding & Fitness on www.veganbodybuilding.com, which includes writing books and filming documentaries.


Pursuit of a Green Planet is more than just a film project. It is poised to become the boldest voice of the growing health consciousness movement in Hip Hop. The film takes a critical look at the connections between food, culture, economics and the epidemic of obesity related disease plaguing America’s youth. Contributing to Pursuit of a Green Planet is a way for you to vote for media you would like to see. We'll get there through donations both large and small. Everyone will receives a public thanks through the website, social media and blog. Depending on the amount you contribute, you can receive wonderful perks including Cooking Healthy Lessons and the official Pursuit of a Green Planet DVD, as well as many other products from the many vegan, green and hip hop partners associated with the film project. www.indiegogo.com/pursuitofagreenplanet, www.hiphopisgreen.com.


# # #




In Health,



Keith Tucker



" Pursuit of a Green Planet"


Where Hip Hop meets the Green Movement


A Documentary film by Keith Tucker


30 day funding campaign on NOW.






You can find us all over the place.















Also don't forget to look for the Keith Tucker show coming back to radio soon.


For now check SOME of the legendary shows here: www.thekeithtuckershow.com

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I met the producer 3 or 4 years at the Seattle Vegetarian Festival and he invited me to be part of the documentary. He's been working away at it fo the past 4 years and is now in the fundraising stage to get it off the ground.


Exciting time!


We're hoping to bring in more start-up funds to get it off the ground.


Thanks for helping spread the word!



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