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Anyone take L-Carnitine?

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I've been taking the liquid orally for 2 years now. I see more and more dubious health and weight loss concoctions claiming L-Carnitine, and I have yet to see it listed as a supplement used by anyone on VBB. So, I'm now wondering if it does anything positive.

I was wondering if anyone else was taking it, had taken, recommends not taking it...



ps-- Carnitine is used by cells to process fats and produce energy-- some studies showing that it increases muscle mass and reduces fat mass. It's mostly found in dairy and meat, though tempeh is quite high.

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I took the liquid form of it for about 6 months in addition to taking CLA and changing up my workout and adding high intensity cardio first thing in the morning on an empty stomach. I lost over 20lbs in that time. Don't know if I would have lost less by not taking it or if it helped with my already improved workout regemine. I stopped taking (couldn't afford the supplements and needed to cut costs) and havn't lost much weight since, but I also scaled back my workouts due to a foot injury that will require surgery. I think it did aide in my weightloss, that is the most weight I have ever lost since I gained weight 8 yrs ago after breaking my back and pretty much becoming sedentary for over a year while healing. I plan on starting taking it again with the CLA and adding in a fat burner and keeping close track of my calories, nutrients and workouts once I get my foot taken care of and I can start running again.

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