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Right Shoulder Injury

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For a while now my right shoulder only has been feeling a bit off. It's a little sore and feels really tight like its heavier than my left. My left shoulder feels completely normal and moves fine but my right just feels really off. I wish I could be more detailed with it but it's not easy to describe the feeling. Has anyone had something along the lines of this before, is it inflammation or something with posture?

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Shoulder injuries are way too tricky to self-diagnose, unfortunately - they can range from "expect it to be sore for a while, it just needs a few months to completely feel back to normal" to "severe and requiring special treatment", and trying to figure it out without an accurate diagnosis won't likely lead to much that will help. Best thing to do is see your physician and describe the symptoms, they'll either be able to help you get testing to identify if it is anything severe or will refer you to someone who can better assist with the diagnosis.


My only shoulder injury was minor, but hurt for about 4 months before the ache went away and I felt back to normal. Others here on the board have been struggling with shoulder injuries that have been much more complex and need specialized care, so when it comes to shoulders, see a qualified physician if you truly want to find the best way to get it back to feeling better!

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Hey duder, sounds like it could be early stages of a "frozen shoulder" do you have slightly reduced range of motion, or weakness on just that side? Feels stiff?
Thanks, I've noticed that my right shoulder is a little weaker than my left and it does feel a bit stiff/off.
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