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Dissolving fats and replace it with muscles..

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At home



Can train any time of day

Never have to wait to use equipment

Can train without a shirt etc



Atmosphere might be less motivating

Might have to keep buying weights as you get stronger

Might not have anyone to spot you






Large range of equipment

Plenty of weight plates

Always someone to spot you if you need it

Atmosphere might be more motivating



Gym idiots

Shit music

Have to wear a shirt

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I love having workout at gym bcoz it really inspire me while at the house it gives me hmmmm.


This are some advantages that yo having a workout at the gym:


Range of equipment: Depends on the gyms in your area. Look for a well-equipped one. You never know what you might decide to use.


Supervision: Trainers are usually available, free, for checking safety aspects of exercise execution and providing advice. Ask about this before joining.


Social networking: And perhaps business networking with other members for fun, profit and perhaps serious games. Who’s that great girl (or guy) in the pink tights?


Amenities: Modern gyms cater for busy people. "Women only" gyms are available.


Motivation: If you pay for something like a gym membership it’s an incentive to keep going with your exercise program.

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I would prefer to workout in my house,i have a privacy as well as i can have my own choice of music and lastly it's more quite than in a gym.Anyway,i'll check out the links that you all shared. " title="Applause" />

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