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Newly Vgan!!!


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... and I did it COLD TOFU (instead of cold turkey....get it?)!!!!


Anyway, I just wanted to reach out to like-minded individuals and hopefully find some more Southern Girls that have taken the plunge. I am also looking to get more involved in the Vegan Bodybuilding arena (formerly a meat-eating aspiring fitness / bikini model) and hopefully grow a budding business as well (hope to be a certified trainer in a few months)


So, as we say in my neck of the woods... HOWDY YA'LL!!!!

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Great to have you as part of our community. Welcome to the Vegan World as well.


I love visiting down South, in fact I think I'm moving to Texas in 2 months. Lots of trips down South each year.


All the best with training and the new vegan lifetyle!



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