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New Vegan and Gas


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Sorry to give this much information


...but I have had a not-so-pleasant issue three weeks into my newly vegan diet. I did it cold tofu ladies and gentlemen!!! I decided animal products were out and switched my diet in a day.


For the most part I have overcome the initial hurdles (sugar cravings, crankiness, initial fatigue, etc), but I am now having a problem with terrible gas. I'm not talking about walking around like a human whoopee cushion, either. I'm talking about painful gas that is getting trapped somewhere in my intestinal tract and won't budge. In some cases, I have found it very uncomfortable to stand upright, and sleeping is the pits right now.


Sidenote: I work in Gastroenterology offices everyday. In my world, you get praised for farting, so I'm not embarassed to let one rip when needed (how unladylike, huh). In fact, I have been PRAYING to fart!!!


I researched the topic and have seen that this is probably just my body's reaction to increased fiber intake, but when will it end? I tried my grandma's remedy and chugged come Bragg's Apple Cider Vinegar which helped initially, but I had the same problem again today. I also tried baking soda in warm water which provided temporary relief, but I was wondering how long this will last.


I'm NOT going to change my diet as some websites suggest (gradually eliminate animal products) because I am on a roll. Any home remedies I can try? I'm SOOOOOO uncomfortable. Thanks!

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When I switched from meat eating to Vegan my gas also increased. The farts usually don't smell so you are safe for silent ones. If you are juicing try switching to smoothies. I find when I have too much juice vs Fiber my gas increases. As a Vegan your digestive tract will be faster and more active but its good for you.

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I wouldn't say you need to go back to eating Animal Products, however maybe ease more slowly into the high fibre vege alternatives... namely beans and legumes. Don't eat large portions of chick-peas, lentils, beans etc for the mean-time. Increase your intake of these very slowly. If you're not used to eating them, then they can cause gas++ Once you're used to it though you probably won't even notice.


Also it may help to take the skins off fruit and vegetables. Again in the long run these are great sources of fibre, but for the mean-time take them off. Fruits that are easier on the GI tract include tinned pears and bananas. Avoid dried fruits and things like figs, prunes, apricots... introduce them slowly.


Lower fibre protein alternatives would be seitan (wheat gluten), tofu & tempeh, protein powders (some people say these cause gas but i've had no trouble)


It may take several weeks for your body to adjust to a higher fibre intake.

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