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Food sensitivities and allergies..Where will I get protein?

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Hey all,


I just found out I have multiple food sensitivities.The sensitivities are low grade. But I was told I should avoid them. I'm not really sure what to use as a substitute for these foods and would appreciate input.

The ones I'm unsure of are :peas, beans,rice and nuts (peanuts and walnuts they didn't test for others.) I also avoid soy and gluten, both of these foods make me feel sick.

The others were to potatoes and environmental.




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If you can afford it, $60/15 servings vega whole food health optimizer is a $4 meal plus what you mix it in..


Hemp, yellow pea, rice, spirulina, quinoa, pumpkin seed are all probably safe.


Trueprotein.com lets you make a mix. Try something like gemma protein isolate (yellow pea) with hemp and rice. 40% gemma, 40% hemp, 30% rice.

that's about 5 bucks per pound. and their premium flavors are vegan.


Whole foods has lots of protein powder mixes you can try.


Also veganessentials.com..


sucks you can't eat soy and gluten, but most vegans tend to grow out of the fake meats and all that anyway.

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I would say the safest bet would be hemp protein. Ultimately though it's not so much protein that is need for muscle growth, but the amino acids from them. I would recommend taking a complete BCAA supplament along with 500 mg of l-glutamine after your workouts to ensure proper muscle repair.

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