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I cant believe I am posting about sports - i couldnt care less about sports like hockey and whatnot.


anyway, ya, gretzky. The guy is in hot water now as his wife is accused of placing bets and the authorities have some tapes or something that incriminate him as well.


that is all, really. no point to this post whatsoever, and i dont even care about this particular post of mine!

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awwwe, a compassionless post from compassionate girl i believe the authorities have already said they do not plan to prosecute him or his wife. sounds to me like they have already spilled their guts to them.


this case has at least some social significance in that it is a case in which the public refuses (for the most part) to believe that a "beautiful woman" could be a compulsive gambler. now there are many other factors to this case (the assistant coach to gretzky being the ringleader), but there is no actual proof that gretzky made the bets. of course in the public's mind, and probably rightly so, it was gretzky who made his wife place the bets for him.

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