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how to measure yourself?


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Tape measure, scale and clothes.


If your clothes are too tight, you are gaining, an if too loose....you are losing.


The scale is a bit trickier, muscle weighs more than fat, so andbut,it will show an increase for fat or muscle gain- so not a good indicator, sometimes, of gain in size progress. Tape measure will be the accurate indicator. Flexed is a bit much,...I always measure in a relaxed state,but you can flex and measure. It's an indicator, mark of progress...you just always want to be in the same spot when you measure.

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I don't know if we can post links to sites or whatever but bodybuilding dot com has good instructions on measuring each body part. Basically for upper arms you want to measure them relaxed, hanging down, in the middle of the bicep. You may have to measure where your bone goes into your shoulder joint, down to your elbow. Measure in the middle of that.


Thighs the same basic rule applies.


Wrap the tape around your chest to measure it, where it covers the nipples. Stand with good posture and make sure the tape isn't tight.


Shoulders same basic rule, in the middle of the shoulders.


Now neck, forearms, and calves I have no idea cause I don't really care. LOL


Really what I go by is the mirror. That's what really counts. I do measuring only occasionally to verify progress.

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