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Which is the best martial art?


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theres is no "best martial art" it all depends on the individual and what you are looking for. if you want a work out try looking for a muay thai kickboxing gym, ive trained in muay thai for several months and it was pretty hardcore. if you are looking for self defense try out brazilian jiu-jitsu, i trained in bjj for a couple years and its fun, you learn alot, and it can be a workout if you try hard, however, since you want more of a workout i suggest muay thai kickboxing, its the hardest thing i have trained in besides being in the high school wrestlign team

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I don't want to do a martial art to learn to fight, I'm a staunch pacifist but to helpe get in to better shape, aikido uses the minimal amount if effort for the maximum result, so I don't think it's for me


I agree with Awaken375 that Aikido would probably be good My brother is a pacifist like yourself and he did some training in this art I believe. Myself I practice Wado Ryu Karate, I can assure you I am not into violence, any martial artist would agree that martial arts is not about that at all. Having said this Martial arts by the very name are about fighting and defense.


I think Tai Chi may suit you this is a form of Martial art. This will give you great flexibility.. But k


I would urge you to try a local martial arts class. just pick one and give it a go. If iit doesn't fit with your moral beliefs you still have lost nothing. I think you will find it's not about mindless violence at all





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