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Daniel Mellor

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My name is Daniel. Vegan for about 7 months now.

Mainly training for MMA but with some vanity measures thrown in.

Into Hardcore Punk and metal. Used to play bass in a band but now am bandless.


Currently I am doing a 3 days a week routine. Need advice on diet though.


Day 1: Lower Body S&C

Day 2: Rest

Day 3: Rest

Day 4: Upper Body S&C

Day 5: Rest

Day 6: "Vanity" Day

Day 7: Rest


Strength and Conditioning days are planned out by Brendan Chaplin, coach to a few Rugby clubs. These are purely for my MMA

Vanity days are there for what ever I feel is lacking aesthetic wise. Chest at the minute


In the last 11 months I've dropped from a fat 200lbs to 172lbs. Still got a slight gut and a small chest though.


Long enough intro I think haha.



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Great Routine!


There is one thing however that I suggest you should incorporate into your week to help speed your asthetic process up. That is to use a rowing machine.


Do a short 10-15 minute HIIT session on a rowing machine 3 days a week with a day in between each one.


This will shred your body and you will become diced, as long as you are eating clean: i.e. not too much crap like vegan ice cream, sweets etc.


I use the site below for tracking my calories and macros:




This is a great FREE site for tracking your food intake, whether you're cutting or bulking, plus it is very easy to use.


And may I also just add, welcome to the community !

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