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Know of a Good Multi-Vitamin?


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Good morning Beauties!


Can anyone recommend a good multivitamin I can gift to my 23 year (vegetarian-not-yet-vegan) daughter? I take Nature's Choice (without iron; I'm 49) her needs are different.


We're both concerned about her possible lack of enough protein too, but that's for another thread.


Thanks for ANY suggestions.



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I've taken a variety of of multivitamins in the past but I can't remember brand names. I think we had another thread topic like this earlier, perhaps a couple of threads have talked about certain brands. I'll check and get back with you.


Now I focus more on meal replacement powders or meals and haven't taken a pill in quite some time. As I say in my movie, I do think they are a good idea for anyone, vegan or non-vegan, and I cover my bases via these powder/liquid forms of multivitamin.


Anyone else use a specific brand they want to recommend?


Here are some threads:






When I find more, I'll edit this reponse and add them.



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