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Training Blog and Accountability

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Ive flirted with fitness going back and forth on what i thought would be acceptable. Everything ranging from purely rock climbing, to body weight to lifting weights. Ive found a lot of great advice and shrugged off a lot of my preconceived notions on exercise. I am turning 30 and as a gift to myself i thought i would try for the very first time to be consistent with a weight training regiment.


This is when i first joined the site (161 lbs):




This was after embarking on my first program that Lean and Green helped me work through (171 lbs).




This was last year after being inactive for a year, no rock climbing but i still maintained a decent shape (180 lbs)



* Im wearing underwear in the picture but they are kinda small so i made digital boxers!


I just started working out again on 11/22/2011 And its the start of the rest of my life. After this week ill post my daily workout as a training blog and update once a month my pictures! Wish me luck yawl.

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When are you going to start your blog? I am waiting to see what you have chosen to do with your newly acquired 30 year old body. How are you going to proceed to mold it into whatever image you have in mind this time. . . . so fun at the beginning. All the preparations and aspirations. And now you are going to blog about the actions you set forth. Awesome!!!

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Petitpois: I've not really designed a meal plan as of yet, I'm just getting back into the basics then for super training mode in about a month.



Robert: thanks buddy!


Gaia: I'll start the blog at the beginning of this week. I am currently at the heaviest I've been in some time so it's perfect timing. Just in time to lose some fat before the holidays!

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