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Sore wrists bench benching over a certain weight.

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Ace bandages. A couple bucks at the drugstore. They come in stretchy soft and a firmer cotton more like wrist straps. Back in the day, when I was doing intense landscaping all day and lifting every night, I'd protect my tired wrists with a basic wrap pattern that people use to isolate a sprain. I'd fasten the ends with oversized safety pins that I could get on and off easily. I wrapped only two layers across my palms so I could still wiggle on my lifting gloves. I had to experiment a few times with tightness to get it just right; you wanna keep blood flowing in there. I used the stretchy kind to ensure flow.


To wash the wraps--and they will need it--just roll each one into a very loose loop around your widespread fingers and then safety pin one side of the loop together so that it doesn't unloop in the wash and get all tangled around things. Use warm water wash, no bleach. Air dry overnight. If the ends get frayed and raggedly, cut off the nasty bits, fold the edge over on itself twice about 1/2", and sew a hem. Doesn't have to look sexy; that's your job.


Just like this:


Baby Herc

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Benching lately, I've been using a few pair of wrist wraps left at the facility, one from Inzer and the other from Elite Fitness, both work very well. I prefer the Elite wraps as they're a bit easier to get in place and stay just where you need them for optimal support, and would definitely recommend them:




After I fell a few weeks ago and landed wrong on my wrist, it was painful to bench or do overhead pressing. What hurt without wraps for 225 lbs. in my hands for benching was pain-free with the wraps to support 340 lbs., so they definitely work. And, as usual, if you can swing paying a few dollars more, it's MUCH better to go with quality than to cut corners and risk getting a crappy product. Elite only makes good stuff, well worth the $24 investment (and, they're doing free shipping right now, making it even better!)

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