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Childhood Blast from the Past


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Galaxy High was my favorite cartoon as a kid but I did love captain planet as well. We always used to make fun of what a wimpy super power heart was. Thinking about it, it would be a really amazing power actually. I liked a lot of those other shows mentioned as well. Thundercats, Dungeons and Dragons, gummy bears, ren and stimpy, and animaniacs were a bunch of my other favorites.



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Can't believe nobody has mentioned doctor who, Tom Baker was my Doctor I grew up with ( yes I am in my 40's).


However one you may not of heard of was the wombles - the first Eco kids program about strange animals living on Wimbledon common and recycling the rubbish left their by us humans.


A bit of trivia: the British actor Bernard cribbens did all the voices for the puppets and also had a recurring role in the new doctor who as Donna Nobles grandad.

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