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Braggs Liquid Aminos


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Hi I'm new at this and had a question about Braggs,


Just wondering what peoples opinions are of this product. I was looking for something to flavor soups, beans, rice etc with and saw this used a lot in vegan recipes on the net. I picked up a bottle and it did improve the taste of things quite a bit.


I have two concerns though, one is the saltiness which I understand is a natural side product of the processing of the soybean. If I use several teaspoons of this every day or two am I going overboard on my sodium requirement for a vegan diet? Second, The main reason I chose to go vegan was to avoid processed/unnatural foods. Is Braggs processed in such a way that there is little natural nutritional value? What I mean is, am I putting something really artificial into my food that will have little or no benefit to my body? I know it claims to have a complete array of amino acids, but will my body really benefit from these in this form?


I do enjoy the taste and could see myself using it regularly, but I'd also rather not and stick to herbs if it is just another overly processed food flavoring.


Thanks to anyone who has any thoughts or info.

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Well, I oversimplified that. There is tamari that contains wheat as well, and it's not exactly the same as soy sauce (similar to how dark soy sauce is quite different).


But my point is that there's already a commodity gluten-free soy sauce equivalent out there, and Braggs has a strikingly similar ingredients list... So I don't see how it isn't just a scam.

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