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High Proetin Breakfast Recipe


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Let me share with you one of my favourite breakfasts, which i have almost religiously now every morning:


Protein Custard Oats.





For the Protein Custard:


One 40g scoop of soy protein isolate, vanilla flavoured

500ml (16oz ice cold water)

100ml of lite soy milk

a few drops of vanilla extract

pinch of cinnamon


For the oats:


100g (measured dry) of rolled oats

500ml (16oz ice cold water)

One banana (sliced)

a sprinkle of cinnamon

10g of ground golden flaxseed




Cook the oats in the water until ready. Meanwhile, measure out the protein into a shakerwith 500ml of water, 100ml lite soy milk, cinnamon and the vanilla extract. Shake for 30-60 seconds. When oats are ready serve them in a bowl and slice the banana over the top

sprinkle it with some cinnamon and the ground golden flaxseed. Lastly, pour the protein custard over the oats, grab a spoon and enjoy!

Macros of meal:


Calories: 686


Protein: 55

Fat: 13

Carbs: 83

Fibre: 17

Sodium: 512


P.S. If you want less carbs, simply exclude the banana to make the macros:


Calories: 600


Protein: 54

Fat: 13

Carbs: 64

Fibre: 15

Sodium: 512


Here is a pic of the finished product:



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This is one of my favorite breakfasts! I make it with sun warrior protein instead…and add some peanut/almond butter. SO yummy! I would love a great vegan high protein pancake recipe…anyone have one?



Yeah, it is great with sunwarrior (I used the vanilla one).


As for the Protein pancake recipe, I am in the process of making one!

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