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The 12 Days of Vegan Bodybuilding & Fitness Official Details

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Mentor Name: Giacomo Marchese


I am thrilled to be one of the mentors and will be able to work with 2-4 other forum members. While I have been an example of what is possible in the past, other priorities has consumed my life (unacceptable). Well, it's time to strike a balance again and manage more time to being more active. Here is a pic of my current physique. My frame remains, however, there needs to be some swole arse muscle on it again So as your potential motivator I promise this.. we will motivate each other. VBBF has always been the most inviting place to share my progress and goals. Being inspired, inspiring others, that's what it's all about, a rocking vegan community. I've met my closest friends here, my fiancé and many other things have rooted from here. Time to get back to it. So.. you have a entry form, so should I. Here are my answers and a little extra about me. Lookin forward to doing this together with a cool team of stoked folks




Email address: [email protected].com

Location (City, State, Country): Haverhill, MA 01830

Gender: Male

Age: 31

New Year’s Resolution Goal: Get consistent and focused on training goals for the long term

Start Date: Today!

Desired Achievement Date: Jan 31st 2012 and beyong

Past workout History:

*Training on/off the last 17 years. Had a clientele as a personal trainer for 3 years (2004-2007).

Athletic History: 1/2 Marathons, 100-200mi cycling adventures, most all Racquet sports competitively

Bodybuilding Achievements:

*(2002) Placed 1st of 3 middleweight competitors in a INBF Bodybuilding show.

*(2003) WENT VEGAN, grrrrrrr and RAW >:-)

*(2004) Powerlifting accomplishments: 415lb Bench Press, 575lb Squat, 545lb Deadlift

*(2009) Competed in 2 bodybuilding shows.

*(2010) Still Vegan, no longer 100% Raw, still training on and off..


Biggest Obstacles: Consistency for the long haul (after hitting a goal I consistently fall out for a 6mo-1yr period of time and sometimes a bit longer. I am an extremist with all or none principles. It has led to great things and has also been my untimely downfall. I am currently learning how to balance and still be effective in my pursuit of extreme goals


Favorite Foods: I love it all. A healthy balanced vegan diet based on mostly unprocessed and gluten free foods with occasional treats. Gluten and Soy are ok but I don't consume them in excess and try to avoid if possible.


Favorite Exercises: The big 3 (Barbell Bench, Squat and Deadlifts).


Current training frequency: Sporadic at the moment. Relocated from Oregon to Massachusetts in August, was on point for 6 weeks 4x a week and then I got sick due to the move and a change in environment. Feeling better now and ready to pump some iron!! Who's with me?


Any injuries or info your mentor should have: I have a right rotator cuff impingement (gets in the way at times when I don't stretch regularly) , Old minor tear in my right labrum hip capsule (mainly affects flexibility but doesn't really get in the way).


Consider working on a tight knit team with VeganProteins.com (Dani & Giacomo)? Right on! Dani will hopefully be putting up a brief bio as well so you can get to know her. You can do your own thing or ask us for training tips, you chose your road to success and community. We want to help facilitate this and in return you will hold us accountable to train regularly and by this you will inspire us as well We are accepting 2-4 others and promise to try our darnedest in January. Alone we are a force and together we will be unstoppable. Let's do this!!!

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Wow! Nice pic! I just saw the updated one with the shirt.


LOVE it!


So awesome to see! Thanks for rocking the Vegan Bodybuilding & Fitness gear!


And yes, www.veganproteins.com is a great place to pick up Vega. I use about 3 Vega products a day, on average. So much great stuff these days, it's a little ridiculous how awesome it is.


All the best!


PS, posted Day 5 material already! New contest, new article and more to come!

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Thanks everyone!


We appreciate it.


Check back daily for updates. Even after the 12 days are up, we'll still have addition articles coming each week to make sure everyone is on track, pursuing their goals for the New Year.


All the best!


Please tell others about program this as well. Thanks!



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I sent my email last night... haven't heard anything back yet...am I too late for a mentor???? By now I'm sure more than 30 people have registered.

One of the mentors is from my province (BC) and competing in BCABBA events which I want to start next year....she would be a perfect resource for someone in a small town where nobody knows anything about figure competitions or being vegan. There's nobody here in Nelson who can help me...

PLEASE I am not too late! I think I might have to have a little cry if I lost out on this opportunity

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Thanks for joining!


We had over 100 people sign up right away, so we're busy working hard to find options for those who weren't in the first 30, (which was filled in the first few hours) or first 50 which I then extended it to.


We don't have enough coaches to have one for everyone. All the coaches are volunteers who work full-time so some only have the time and ability to Coach 1 or 2 people, others can handle up to 6 or 8 people, etc. I didn't plan on coaching initially because the program takes about 12 hours a day to create, but I tossed my hat in there too so I'll take on a few participants and help them through January.


I've come up with a few solutions to help all the rest of participants who are part of the program but who won't have a one-on-one coach. Hopefully these options will work well. I'll get those ideas posted soon.


Thanks again for your involvement! Please look back through the daily articles and create a training journal on the forum. We have hundreds of great members who are not official coaches in this program, but who can give excellent advice and feedback.


I'll keep working on additional ideas to get as many people matched up with a coach as possible.


All the best!



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The New You for the New Year Challenge is going on now. It just started.


You may have missed The 12 Days of Vegan Bodybuilding & Fitness with 12 days of articles and contests and prizes, but if you keep a training journal updated 5x a week for the month of January, you're qualified for our current program, which rewards everyone at the end.


Read about it here:




All the best!



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