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Project Heavygan: Eat Plates To Move Plates

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I'm about to look at these adidas shoes as right now I squat in my running ones. Theres a good site called strengthshop over here & they have some pretty heavy duty power stuff...I used my mates belt & it was amazing how it supported me. As I suffer sciatica it's something I have to train a round, I go raw as much as possible & only ever "belt up" on my last set of deads (did this the last couple of week) & it does help me out. But even now typing this I'm aware of my back.


Nice work all round again, will be interesting to see (once you nail down a template) the progress. I think your going to make some seriously great gains on this. I ve gone back & fourth over the three month challenge as you never go for reps on any of the working sets, but I know there's even more work to do in reality when that lift has it's 5x10. I have looked a the three cycles with the rise in percentages & month 3 looks disgusting, game on.....


I came to the conclusion this week I don't like incline barbell work either & good mornings. But alas you have to throw them in!


ps I personally prefer you with a laptop haha

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My biggest thing with the BBB challenge is not going for reps on the last set. I think i'm still at a point where my numbers are low enough that I'd benefit from running the original template and pushing for reps and then, once I can start throwing in more assistance work/focus on smaller weaknesses, I'll be doing the challenge or switching to the programmable assistance template.


For the shoes, they fit true to size, I think. I own one other pair of Adidas Sambas (to skate in) and just went by that and they fit almost exactly the same. There is a lot out of room in the toes, though, and I don't mean size-wise - as in the part above the foot gives me a lot of room but I also have really flat skinny feet.

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I woke up and saw that Wendler had posted a new article titled "Losing Weight and Getting Stronger." This is exactly what I needed to read this morning after waking up and feeling "heavy."


I don’t believe in training to lose body fat or whatever. I only believe in training to be awesome. - Jim Wendler
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I ordered mine directly from Adidas. I'm actually going to send them back tomorrow to exchange them for a half-size smaller since today was a legitimate squat day and they felt too loose for me to be comfortable in - pain in the ass for such a small change but for $100 bucks I want to make sure they're the right size. Hopefully that also helps for sizing.

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In all honesty I'm not going to run the bbb challenge....yet. I haven't even ran the bbb template from the ebook & it seems short sighted to jump onto an "extra". Also as Wendler says the average stall out can be round 5-6 cycles, I don't want to be having to re test lifts half way through it. So for now it's going to be the standard template with 50% on the 5x10 set (remember on deload week it's 3x10).


Thanks  for the info on the shoes, Adidas has a store in Birmingham which is only a 40min train ride so I may call them to see if they stock/can get them in for me. The average over here for them is $144 (£90) without shipping if I had to order them.

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(remember on deload week it's 3x10).


Funny you say that because ... I totally forgot that this week and have been doing 5x10 for all my BBB sets (aside from deads which were 5x8). So much for deloading, though, there are worse things I could have done.


Let me know how the shoes work out for you - as soon as I get my account credited I'm ordering those Adidas again but in the proper-size. Hopefully they come before the third week of this next cycle so I can break them in good and well with some heavy sets.


I'm also hoping to catch up on actually (b)logging tomorrow morning since I'll have free reign of my old lady's laptop. I'm almost too wiped to do it tonight, though, we'll see what I can manage.

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5/3/1: Cycle One, Week Four, Day One

Boring But Big






Warm-up: Cycling 10 minutes, 2.37 miles; light leg extensions; body weight squats 10x4



45x16; 50x5

60x5; 75x5; 95x5


My squat form has been all over the place recently but this day felt/looked really good probably because I did so many hip flexors and circles during warm-up and in between sets, meaning I should be doing this every damn day.


Hanging leg raises



Leg curl

70x10x2; 60x10x3


Dumbbell side bend

45x20x2; 45x10


Weighted sit-ups




5/3/1: Cycle One, Week Four, Day Two

Boring But Big






Cycling: 45 minutes; 10 miles

I wasn't going to 'log' this because it wasn't for conditioning or cardio purposes but solely for the fact that I love cycling but I suppose it's worth noting that I did, in fact, actually get the chance to get a ride in that lasted longer than 15 minutes.



Warm-up: Elliptical; assisted dips 5x2; rack chins


Dumbbell bench press

15x5; 20x5


Barbell bench press

45x5; 55x5; 65x5

55x10x3; 50x10x2

Tweaked my form a little bit by 'shrugging' my shoulders up to alleviate any discomfort and, man, this did serious wonders for staying tight throughout the lift. Pair that with the fact that bench feels stronger every week and I'm expecting to see some serious progress with this upcoming cycle.


One-arm dumbbell rows

25x10x4; 25x20

Super-setted these with hammer curls even though I know Wendler would slap me.


Hammer curls

15x10x2; 10x10x2



Various grips/assist weights in sets of either 10 or 5 done between BBB bench for a total of 50 reps

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Nice logs there, I'd of def counted the cycling to. I keep saying it but I can't wait to see how you're going to progress on this. It's amazing when you actually apply Wendler's method of cutting out the crap & focusing on more bang for you buck movements. Today on my benching which was light I got more out of it than most "bro's" with their partial reps at weights the can't actually handle.


How are the chins coming along? Tried any unassisted yet? Mine have felt off the last couple of weeks & I think it's because I tacked on an extra couple of lb but this week I'm back to 10 reps a set now. I forgot I'am actually in B'ham this weekend for a gig so I'm going to call into the Adidas store, going to see pelican...have a good Easter



PS have you ever seen this site? swole.me

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I'm really looking forward to making serious progress with 5/3/1, especially with running BBB and increasing my intake (I've actually been working on an article I'm pretty proud of regarding this that I should be putting up on my blog but will end up getting posted here, too).


My mentality is if you can't perform the lift properly at the weight you're using, you're wasting your time. Strength > aesthetics.


The chins I've been doing have been rack-chins (youtube it) and I'm probably going to be adding weight to them this coming week to keep building them up. My goal is unassisted by June, sounds like a ways of a way off but my upper-body is extremely weak in comparison to my lower-body despite the fact that I feel stronger there every day.


Good luck with the shoe hunting and I hope you have a good time at the show - every time I've seen Pelican they've been incredible. Saw them with Black Cobra and Struck By Lightning last time and it was easily one of the best shoes I've been to in years.


Checked out that site you linked and have been playing around with it for about 15 minutes - pretty rad.

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Nice one with the shoes, woohoo.


If you ever need to get any PL'ing specific gear, I have always found LiftingLarge to be the best of the internet companies. Fast, good service and Mike always looks after you (say I sent you).


Have a Happy Easter and a great weekend MF.


I'm really stoked to get my shoes back - and in the right size! I'm going to check out LiftingLarge before my shift today - still need to look into knee wraps and deadlifts socks and probably some Liquid Grip since there's a no chalk rule at my gym. Thanks for the heads up and tip!


Hope your Easter went well, mate.


My shoulders are ruined, I'll be cursing the name Jim Wendler for the next few days


OHP is the bane of my existence so I understand. My quads have been killing me all morning from the squats I did two days ago. If anyone ever says that the BBB doesn't look like enough "work," I think they should be slapped.


And it's a good thing I've only got 4 hours of tattooing under my belt - definitely not enough time to toughen up.

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Holy crap, no posts and updates for more than 10 days ?!


Ooooooh, new laptop is cool. What one are you getting?


I just had a bit of a splurge ~ a new motorbike, a Rolex Submariner watch and I treated my wife to a new platinum and diamond encrusted bracelet and Gucci watch. I need to start working again now lol.


Hope you have had a great week so far, look forward to catching up with things again once you are back. Cheers MF.

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