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squats: 157.4 x 5 x 3

bp: 122.2 x 5 x 3

rows: 128.8. x 3 x 3


rough day. stomach has been bad again and i'm not eating enough. i'll consider all these fails...only 3 sets and they felt really tough. i was truly failing rows, trying to get reps 4 and 5 but not touching my chest. feeling a bit tired. hoping i can turn it around and keep gaining.

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Squats: 157.4 x 5, 5, 5, 4, 5 (switched to lo bar, still heavy)

OHP: 89.8 x 4, 5, 5, 5, 5

Deadlifts: 231 x 5

Rows: 115 x 4, 4, 5, 4, 4

CGBP: 92.2 x 8 x 3

Curls: 52.4 x 8 x 3

Crunches: BW x 8, +8.8lbs x 8 x 2 (roman chair style off bench)


had some extra time today so added in some exercises. i had seen better gains on that program but the workouts are just too long. maybe i need to switch to 4 times a week to include more exercises and more higher reps. i was hoping to linearly gain with stronglifts but i seem to have stalled at my usual top weights. it could be that i'm not eating enough however with my digestive issues, i may just have to take it slower, and find a different style of workouts. we'll see.

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Squats: 157.4 x 5 x 5

BP: 122.2 x 4, 4, 4, 3, 3

Rows: 115 x 5, 5, 4, 5, 5

Shrugs: 115 x 8 x 3

Skulls: 43.6 x 8 x 3

Curls: 52.4 x 8, 8, 7

Abs - roman chair: +10 lbx x 8 x 3


long workout again. feeling sore from 9/12...upper back especially - bench suffered. i will deload squats, bp, and rows. even though i got 5 x 5 on squats, they felt really heavy and the 5th reps on most of the sets was my max.

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Squats: 143.6 x 5 x 5

Deadlifts: 245 x 5

OHP: 89.6 x 4, 5, 4, 4, 4

Rows: 102.2 x 5 x 5

CGBP: 92.2 x 8 x 3

Curls: 43.6 x 12 x 2

Hanging Knee Raises: BW x 9, 10


squats still felt heavy after a 10% deload and switch to low bar. i feel like i'm still trying to find my form with low bar now that i've switched back to it after 4 weeks of high bar. deadlifts is about as heavy as i've ever done but didn't feel good about my form plus my grip was slipping. i'll stay at that weight. 2nd fail on OHP. everything else was tough. i've had a neck issue since last thursday but it could be related to a slight cold or possibly stress - i never know - i don't particularly feel like i'm hurting it during my workouts.

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Squat: 43.6 x 10, 72.2 x 10, 102.2 x 10

Pushups: 15, 15, 15

Curls: 43.6 x 13




Front Squat: 43.6 x 10

Deadlifts: 143.6 x 5, 172.2 x 5, 202.2 x 5, 222.2 x 5

Chinups: BW x 8, 8, 6




BP: 43.6 x 5, 72.2 x 5, 102.2 x 5, 122.2 x 5, 111 x 6, 7, 5

Rows: 43.6 x 5, 72.2 x 5, 102.2 x 5, 122.2 x 3, 111 x 6, 6, 4

Skullcrushers: 43.6 x 10 x 3

Curls: 43.6 x 15, 14

Hanging Knee Raises: BW x 11, 9


Not feeling up to my full workouts but wanting to get something in daily. My neck has been bothering me for a week - not sure what it is but fucking me up in life. I'm disappointed with stalling and feeling like I'm going too heavy and not using good form. I know I'm fucking around with the program but I really want to feel good about lifting and find what's best for me. I have modest strength and aesthetic goals so I'll do my best to reach them any way I can. It feels more natural for me to build up to a top weight and then back off for a few higher rep sets on the big lifts.

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Upper back and neck have been injured and bothering me since my last post. I have not been working out and trying to give myself a chance to heal. I'm feeling better but not 100%. I've been dying to lift again so I worked on a few exercises yesterday:


Bench Press




















Curls: 43.6 x 15, 10


Feeling pretty good. A bit sore from not having lifted in over a month but my injury seems to be ok.

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Squats (low bar): 43.6x5, 63.6x5, 81x5, 102.2x5, 127.2x5, 72.2x8,10,10,10 (alt zercher/hi bar)

RDL: 72.2 x 10, 10, 10

Leg Ext: 67.6 x 15, 72.6 x 13, 15

Calf Raises: BW x 22, 17, 17

Crunches: BW x 15, 15, 12


still a bit sore in hamstrings and calves from last lower day. also sore from last upper.


thanks for checking in mrbear! i think i injured my middle/upper back doing heavy deadlifts a couple months ago but it's a weak spot that i have had pain in at times for many years from various exercising including running so maybe it's a core thing. i try to keep all my movements pain free but i have felt some pain/soreness in this same area since starting up again. i also have bursitis/rotator cuff issues in my right shoulder which comes and goes as well so it's all pretty annoying at times. just trying to keep on keeping on.

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