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On the other hand, my hips have been brutal the last week and a half. It's actually been to the point where not only has it kept me awake at night, but my boyfriend can't touch me...Too much info? lol

Whoa, what? YES!


Hey, you're one to talk! You share WAY too much info in your blog! = P

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Went to the gym for the first time in nearly 2 months, I guess. It went ok. I just did different upper body exercises, keeping everything light, just to test my capabilities. I did reasonably well, I think, until I tried tricep extensions and that wasn't working for my shoulder so I stopped there. I can tell I'm not getting proper nutrition because I was exhausted half way through...not tired muscle exhausted, like my body has nothing to run on and I could have curled up on a bench and gone to sleep. I guess that's a sign that I need to give myself a swift kick in the ass (and hopefully not injure myself doing it) and get some more protein in me.

I'll try the gym again on saturday..a little bit is better than nothing...despite how depressing it is to do only a little lol

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Hit the gym again yesterday. It went pretty well, I was quite happy with what I was able to do. Just random upper body exercises again, but more than last time.

I did a few physio exercises first, kinda tweaked my right shoulder a bit with those trying to push too hard, but it held up.

After that there was...

Lateral raises - 5lb x 20 x 3

Arnold Presses - 5lb x 15 x 3

Incline Bicep Curls - 10lb x 12 x 3

Standing BB Curls - 20lb x 15 (I think) x 3

Head Level Cable Curls - 20lb/side x 12 x 3

Standing BB Rows - 30lb x 15 x 3

Cable Rows - 55lb x 10 x 3

Tricep Pull downs - 50lb x 15 x 3


The pull downs started to bug at my L shoulder a bit in the second set, but not much so I sucked it up and pushed through the final set. Felt pretty good for it.

Back to physio on wednesday, so we'll see what they have to say.

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Doing decently in the gym, but still sticking with the little weights. Physio seems to be going pretty well, gradually getting more and more to do in my sessions, but there's still some stuff that I can't do much of due to pain in both shoulders. Most days when I contemplate going to the gym, it's no longer a matter of how my shoulders are, it's just whether or not my hips can tolerate being irritated a bit. So that's a definite improvement.

Thinking I'll hit the gym tomorrow, I'll be sure to post if I do.

35 days till my arthrogram!!

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Thanks Mr Bear! The workout was ok..didn't injure anything, and my biceps are a little sore again, so I guess I'm doing pretty well.

I only did a few things yesterday. My lower back is joining my hips in acting up.

Lateral raises w/ 5lb 20 x 3

Arnols Press w/ 5lb 20 x 3

Physio exercise w/ 5lb

Single arm cable curl 15lb x 12 x 3

Standing BB curl 30lb x 8 x 3 (I found this REALLY hard..trying to get through the reps and also keep my proper posture)

Standing BB row 40lb x 20 x 3


And that was all she wrote..I'm thinking maybe I'll go on lunch tomorrow, but I still tend to avoid the gym by work since crazy people work there lol So we'll see.

My boyfriend and I formulated a plan last night to stop talking about eating better and actually do it. We had a good last night of food lol Out to a vegetarian restaurant (he's not veg, but he really likes the food there ), then we got frozen yogurt, came home and had a bit of candy..we didn't finish the stash we had, so we threw it out...it was a little heart breaking lol Feels good to take control back though. I didn't even have too much today.. started off with a big mushroom/spinach egg white omlette and half a bagel with peanut butter, pad thai during a staff meeting, and just now 2 soy hot dogs and a vegan yogurt. I didn't even get time to have my peppers and humus, or my vegan pudding ah well, there's always tomorrow.

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That food you wrote about over the last few sentences sounds amazing !!


Wish I was allowed to eat pad thai's during my work meetings haha, that would be great. Much on for the weekend? Did you have a good Easter and an extra day or two off work?


Haha it was delicious food...the stuff I didn't get to eat is delicious, too lol I got pad thai for the meeting because my bosses treat us to lunch every time

This weekend is work, visiting a new store in the city called The Meatless Market with a friend (yet another carnivore wanting to check out veg food!), hanging with my boyfriend, gym, and puppy-proofing my place before my bosses' dogs get here lol Now that I have 4 animals of my own, I'm going to have 7 animals in total running around here...it's gunna be just a little crazy.

Easter was really good. Spent one day with my family, one day with my boyfriends, then the rest of the weekend to ourselves. Did you and your family do anything special? Did you get to do an easter egg hunt with your kids?? lol I miss those.

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Meatless Market sounds pretty cool, you should post up some pics next time you go there.


You spent a day with your boyfriends? Plural ?!


hahaha Despite that being a running joke between him and I, I only have the one. I neglected to put an apostrophe..it should have said I spent a day with my boyfriend's family. lol

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Haven't made it into the gym since the last time I posted...pretty sure, actually, quite positive, that my shoulder can take it, but I'm just not sure my hips can. My hips are becoming quite the inconvenience during physio, too.

On the bright side, My arthrogram has been moved up again. One week sooner than what I've been planning for, which means only 15 days left!

This weekend is my best friend's wedding, so I'm hoping I'll be able to tolerate heels and dancing for at least one night...Can't promise any pictures from that, I don't generally enjoy being in/seen in a dress lol but we'll see

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I'd like to see Mrbear in a dress.


Don't get too hammered at the wedding !!


You'd like to see Mr Bear in a dress, but not me? haha That's...interesting... :P


I behaved myself at the wedding. I knew my hips would be hurting from being in 4.5" heels all day and didn't want to make it worse by getting drunk and doing something stupid lol I danced a little, but I had to limit myself a lot.


Haven't been in the gym recently, but arthrogram is 8 days away!! Next weds! Then I have to wait 2 whole weeks for results, but at least it's getting done!!

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Arthrogram tomorrow...wish me luck


(Just an FYI...I went through the smilies just now looking for one with crossed fingers and discovered that there is one for a threesome...not what I was looking for, but highly entertaining lol)

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