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I wasn't disappointed when I had my first threesome. Make sure you choose wisely though !!

That`s a real friend! A guy that likes to share with his friends =D

Reminded me of this ad:

(warning explicit content )


lol! That's just awesome. I guess I owe you a thanks for a laugh, too

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Miss you guys..

I know I've been failing at posting lately. I've been a bit pre-occupied. Follow-up with the surgeon is in a few hours. I'm very excited, stressed out, and nervous all at once.

There's been a lot going on lately, but unfortunately it's basically all unrelated to the gym..

I'm moving in with my boyfriend in just over a week..it's very early in the relationship, but aside from one person, everyone seems to agree with us that this is exciting and a good step to take rather than telling us it's impulsive and too early. Everyone who's been around us a bunch knows that we're great together and we make each other happy, so they're happy for us

On a much less positive note, I've also been distracted by one of my cats...my baby boy isn't doing so well. I was supposed to go away this weekend with my boyfriend but I've just backed out because my poor kitty is getting worse. It was just periodic blood spraying when he sneezed, then full on epistaxis, then it stopped while I was medicating with vitamin k...but since he's a stress case and now will try to bite if I want to medicate him, I had to stop..Over the last week or two his eye has become weepy, and as of last night, it's now a blood tinged discharge from the eye and the bleeding is back


I made vegan cookies last night in order to keep myself busy and to have a "bad" food to binge on...they're delicious.


I'll be sure to post again with results from the surgeon.

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I lost my kitty this morning He forced me to make the decision, but there's no doubt in my mind that I made the right one. Still quite hard to deal with, though..this is the first time I've ever had to deal with losing a pet...at least one other than a hamster or bird like when I was a little kid.


Appt with the surgeon went well enough..They've decided that since the only problem they can find is the cartilage tear (that they knew about 8 months ago), that must be what's causing my pain, even though they were positive that couldn't be it when they first saw it..So I'm booked for arthroscopic surgery june 8th; they're going to fix the tear and take a look for anything else that might be wrong. I'm off work for at least 3 weeks, and for a little while I'll have to be on crutches...that'll be my first time ever with crutches, oughtta be quite entertaining! lol

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What's new everybody! I've missed this site. Things are busy around here. I'm still missing my kitty a lot, but I got a beautiful urn and paw print for him, and now he's up on his 'throne', as we like to say. My 2 girls and my old lady, so 3 girls, have adjusted really well to my boyfriend's apt. The cats for new cat nip toys the first day, so they were immediately quite happy.


Surgery was this Tuesday just passed. I think the nurses liked being able to talk in normal medical terms with me, certainly made things more fun for me lol being able to actually talk with them, rather than having everything dumbed down.

I think I'm healing better than anyone anticipated. They told me I wouldn't be mobile tues night without crutches, but my boyfriend had to yell at me to get me to stop walking around. I ran errands on weds, and I've been doing chores the last 2 days to pass the time. Don't get me wrong, I'm resting lots, and when I leave the apt I use crutches. For the most part, though, walking quite normally. Physio exercises are a little challenging, but nothing that I can't handle.

The surgeon said the only thing they could find wrong was that cartilage tear and everything else looked great, so we're all operating on the theory that that was my problem.


I feel like this is very extensive, so I'll shut up for now. I'll post pictures of my surgery site, though.

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