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I had to skip yesterday's workout...I wasn't happy about it, but my back was still quite tender from the deadlifts on thursday, and a sore back just makes me nervous. I didn't want to push my luck.

Got back to it today with a leg workout...

Sitting leg curls x 12 (3 sets)

Leg extensions x 10 (3 sets)

Squats.. just bar for 8 as a warm up, 65lb for 10, 75lb x 10 (3 sets) (Leg still felt good! )

Deadlifts 115lbs x 8 (3 sets)

Lying leg curls x 12 (4 sets)

Standing calf raises w/ 30lb BB x 30 (3 sets)

Oblique twists w/ 12lb medicine ball x 30 (3 sets)


I still had the jello-leg feeling when I left the gym..I haven't had that for quite a while, and I really missed it. So glad to be getting back to normal!

Back in the gym tomorrow for my upper body workout.

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Decent workout..I'm really not sure why, but it feels like something is missing. I'm not sure if it's that I'm not isolating properly, not doing enough exercises, or just plain ol' not pushing hard enough, but I don't like it. My pushups at the end of the workout still make me want to scream, but it takes until the third set for me to feel that way, so maybe I'm not working hard enough with my other exercises? I have kinda hit a plateau appearance wise...I'm not really sure why, though. I have several exercises that I do for different areas, and pick 2 different ones each time I'm in the gym so that my muscles don't adjust too much. Maybe I should do 'cardio lifting' for a couple sessions...I've been in the 10-12 range with everything for quite some time. Hopefully changing up the weight/reps will help me snap back into it, but if anyone has any suggestions, I welcome them!!


Today's workout...

Flat bench 65lb x 10 (3 sets)

Pec Deck 60lb x 12 (3 sets)

Standing BB bicep curls with EZ bar 30lb x 12 (3 sets) These hurt!!

Incline DB bicep curls 15lb x 12 (3 sets)

BB shoulder press 40lb x 9 (3 sets) Some older man tried to tell me to use the 30lb because the 40 was too heavy...I showed him

Lateral raise superset w/ front raise 10lb x 8 (3 sets)

Tricep dips w/ feet on stability ball and 25lb plate on lap x 12 (3 sets)

Tricep extensions 25lb x 10 (3 sets)

BB standing rows 40lb x 15 (3 sets)

Pullups (on gravitron) 83% bodyweight x 6 (3 sets)

Pushups - 14/set. 1 set incline, 1 flat, 1 decline

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Gym session today was BodyPump with my boss (anyone who does or has gone to Goodlife gyms will know the class). Pretty good workout overall. I up'd weights on most tracks because I needed to let out some frustrations.. felt great! By the time the lunge track came around, however, my leg wasn't feeling so good. I didn't do much of the lunges Otherwise it was really good.

Tomorrow is supposed to be a leg day, but due to a varge extensive surgery in the morning, I probably won't have enough time to get to the gym on lunch, and after work I'm supposed to go to a lecture...so it's probably waiting until friday. Unless of course I don't get out of work on time to go to the lecture, then I'll go to the gym lol To sum it up...tomorrow is going to be exhausting. Given that I learned that one small DQ blizzard is nearly 800 calories though, I'm gunna need to run my butt off after the one I had today!

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Diet has been completely out of control lately Not good...While I have been graced with a fast metabolism and haven't gained weight from all the crap I've eaten, I look really soft. I'm taking back control of my food intake today..but the latter part of the week/the weekend isn't going to be good. Easter weekend at the parents' and they don't get the healthy eating thing at all. Hopefully I can pretend that I don't see the chocolate, cookies, bread, and chips...

I'm mostly back on track with my gym schedule..tomorrow will bring me up to pace. Friday I hit a few leg exercises just so that I was doing something after the atrocious amount of food I ate on thursday. I was EXTREMELY happy with the squats that I did...(I also did leg extensions and curls)

45lb (just BB) x 8 for warm up

65lb x 10 for 3 sets

85lb x 4

85 still seems so low, but it's just extremely encouraging to be increasing.


Yesterday was a double workout. Legs at 7am before I went into work. Thank god I did, too, having a good workout got me focused, calm, and relaxed and I really needed to be with the day we had. I was extremely efficient and I had no trouble multi-tasking, I didn't once feel overwhelmed by doing 3 things at once. I absolutely attribute all of that to the workout beforehand.

Single leg extensions (40lb each leg) - 9reps x 3

Single leg curls (40lb each leg) - 10reps x 3

Glute kickbacks (45lb I think..) - 12reps x 3

Squats - BB x 8 (warmup), 65lb x 10reps for 3, 85lb x 6reps

Deadlifts 115lb x 8 for 3

Lunges (w/ 17.5lb DB in each hand) - 20 reps/leg (I was ok with these - it must be the frequent tempo change in the class that screws me up so much)

Standing calf raises (w/ 30lb BB) - 30reps x 3


After an exhausting few hours at work, I was back in the gym for an upperbody workout..I changed up the order a bit, doing chest then back..Hoping to get a bit more out of the back exercises this way. Plus being a bigger muscle group it should be done first..right? lol I also started dropping and doing 10 pushups after every 2 exercises plus my 3 sets at the end of the workout. That increases the total amount from 42 (3 sets of 14) to 95 (I increased the final sets to 15).

Flat bench 65lb x 9 for 3

-10 push ups

Pull ups (on gravitron - lifting 80% BW) 10 for 3

Seated cable rows (not sure how the weight works on these cables...the pulley's are weighted, it's weird, but roughly 60-70lb) x 10 for 3

- 10 push ups

Cable bicep curls (again, weird weight..roughly 45lb) x 10 for 3

Incline bicep curls 17.5lb/hand (increased weight) x 8 for 3

- 10 push ups

Lateral DB raise superset w/ Front DB raise - 10lb x 8 for 3 (3 sets each way)

DB shoulder press 17.5lb/hand x 10 for 3

- 10 push ups

Skull crushers superset w/ tricep press (30lb BB) 8reps x 3 for SC, 10reps x 3 for TP

Tricep extensions 25lb x 12 for 3

- 10 pushups

Standing BB rows 50lb (increased weight) x 15 for 3

Wide grip pull downs (Again, weird weight..something like 60 - 70lb) x 10 for 3

- Pushups 15reps x 3, one incline, one flat, one decline


It STILL felt like something was missing! Like it was an imcomplete workout...Help!

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Full body workout today...leg portion was awesome, upper body was still kinda blah. Plus I forgot to do a couple sets of pushups and my wide grip pull downs and BB rows..I was too busy thinking ahead to the rest of the workout instead of focusing.

I definitely completely destroyed my hamstrings today...I was walking a little funny by the time I left the gym My legs overall are pretty solid, but my inner thighs aren't up to par with the rest. Other than the adductor machine, does anyone have any suggestions? I already use a bit of a wider stance for my squats..I suppose I could go a bit wider. Is there anything else, though:?:


Best part of today's workout, other than squats (I'm seriously just SO happy to be doing them...even though they bring me pain haha), was my flat bench. I apparently had quite a bit of energy this morning and pumped out 3 sets of 10 with 65lbs. A couple weeks ago I was struggling with 8 reps.

Everything else was essentially the same as saturday..a few alterations..

Instead of incline bicep and cable curls..

-Preacher curls w/ 30lb EZ bar - 12reps x 3

-Standing curls w/ 30lb EZ bar - 12reps x 3

Instead of lateral/front raise superset..

-Up right row 30lb BB - 12reps x 3

I also lowered my leg extension weight by 10lb and increased reps by 5/set, and increased reps on my 85lb squat to 7 (I felt I could have done more, but I was getting shaky and didn't have a spot - figured it was best to be safe)


Oh, and my diet is back under control As a result of needing to keep busy to avoid thinking about eating, my apartment is incredibly clean and closets have been reorganized haha

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Better upper body workout today, but still not quite up to par.

I decided to drop weight on a few things and increase the reps...it was a little boring and tedious, but in the end it hurt, and it seems to have been something I needed to do.


Flat bench 65lb x 10r x 3s (not as easy as monday morning)

-10 push ups

Pull ups (gravitron - lifting 80% bw) 10r x 3s + 5 extra reps

Cable rows 12r x 3s

-10 push ups

Preacher curls 20lb x 20r x 4s

Standing BB curls 20lb x 20r x 2s

- 10 push ups

Sitting DB shoulder press 10lb/side x 20r x 3s

Front/lateral raise combo 10lb/side x 8r x 3s

- 10 push ups

Skull crushers superset w/ tricep press 30lb x 12r (12 reps of each exercise [aka 24r]= 1 set) x 3s

Tricep extensions 17.5lb x 20r x 3s

- 10 push ups

Bent over BB row 50lb x 15r x 3s

Push ups - incline/decline/flat, 15r each


Tomorrow I'm kind of excited for...the gym is going to have to wait till after work instead of at lunch, but I'm going to do my leg workout and then zumba! That class never fails to make me feel good all over.

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You're gonna do legs before a Zumba class? Yikes !!


Yep! Though I got out of work late, so I only had time for some squats and deadlifts. To make up for it I increased reps, though. Doing my workout first lets me get more out of the class...it hurts a little, but only in a good way!

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Good work, I am impressed. Hope you had a great Easter weekend, MF.


Thanks I appreciate you saying that!


Getting called into work again tomorrow, it's going to mess with my workout a bit. Since I didn't get anything done this weekend, I'm essentially going to do a 2 in 1/whole body workout, emphasis on my upper body workout with a couple intense leg exercises. I'm going to try drop sets tomorrow for the first time. I'm hoping incorporating those and 21's for biceps will give me that extra punch I've been missing for the last while.

I'm also hoping I'll be left alone to concentrate on the workout...turns out my trainer friend is all kinds of crazy. Let this be a lesson to everyone else - never get involved with a trainer from your own gym! haha


So plan for tomorrow...

Some type of cardio before breakfast...Maybe treadmill, maybe a jog outside (doubtful though, it's supposed to be really cold), or maybe jump rope. I think it will depend on the time I wake up.

Upper body workout followed by modified leg workout.

Work for the afternoon, then seeing American Reunion with a friend!


Tomorrow is also "priming" day. Just read an article on controlling carb intake (carb cycling, essentially) and I'm going to try it out. So ultra-low carb intake tomorrow, which is really going to suck!

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Pretty good workout, though I didn't allow myself enough time and had to skip several things. I also forgot to do my final 3 sets of pushups, which I didn't realize until I got home from work tonight.


I added a full set of pull ups, continued with 10 reps for my bench, used half-method drop sets for DB bicep curls and DB shoulder press (makes the muscles BURN!)...

I only did dips for triceps due to time, didn't do standing BB rows or pulldowns, but I did increase squats again (from 2 sets (10) at 65, 2 sets (10) at 85 to 2 sets (10) at 65, 2 sets of 6 at 95. I haven't lifted that much in MONTHS, and even then it was on smith machine. I haven't lifted that much free weight since high school.

Deadlifts I decided to stay with 3 sets of 10 at 105.

I followed everything up with some jump rope..2 minutes of it, I think.


Cardio before breakfast this morning definitely didn't happen...my anti-morning personality got the better of me.


Tomorrow is a day off (though by the looks of the schedule at work, I'll be getting some cardio...), then upper body on lunch wednesday, legs/zumba on thursday after work!

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I think I'm in the gym too much...I was bench pressing in my dream last night.


I never did get to do legs/zumba on thursday

On wednesday I felt up to trying some cardio for the first time in 5 months, a light jog at a slight incline on a treadmill. I wasn't up to it. I made it 16mins of my intended 20 before I felt that oh-so-familiar twinge in my groin. I might have been fine afterwards, but at work I was having to hurdle the baby gate we have for the bosses' dogs..definitely made things worse.

I skipped the leg workout on thursday, and obviously zumba, too. Did upper body yesterday - it felt great. I usually don't listen to music while I workout, I never needed it with the music being on in the gym. With my personal issues being within the gym, however, I've been really distracted. I took this little old school mp3/radio with me, and even though it was just a radio station I had on, it really brought me in to myself...if that makes sense? I was a lot more focused. I guess I should make myself a little more current and get an ipod lol

Today is supposed to be legs, but I don't think it'd be a good idea. So heat, ice, and walking the pups is what my day has in store for me! Hopefully I'll get back to it on thursday.

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Pretty solid workout yesterday..still a little unfocused, but definitely more centred than before, and I'm definitely more determined.

Bench Press - 65lb x 11 for 3

- 10 push ups

Preacher Bicep Curls - 30lb x 14 for 3

Cable Bicep Curls - x 12 for 3

- 10 push ups

Pull ups on gravitron - 80% BW x 10 for 4 (I switched to neutral grip - I really feel it this way!)

Cable Rows - x 12 for 3

- 10 push ups

DB Shoulder Press - 15lb DB x 13 for 3 + an extra 6 reps at the end after a 10s rest

Front/Lateral Raise combo - 10lb DB x 10 for 3

- 10 push ups

Standing Tricep Extensions - 17.5lb x 20 for 3

Tricep Dips, feet on stability ball, 25lb plate on legs - x 12 for 3

- 10 push ups

Standing BB row - 40lb x 20 for 3

3 sets push ups, 15 each


Back at it tomorrow! Not sure legs on thursday is going to happen, though... I'm holding out a bit of hope for it still.

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*Sigh* No workout today. I spent my time on the couch with the dogs drinking pop..I really, really didn't want pop, but it's one of few things that keep my throat from feeling like a punching bag every time I swallow. Ibuprofen has also been my best friend today..it stopped my head from feeling like it was going to explode from the pressure.

Today's workout is being done tomorrow, whether my body likes it or not. Legs definitely won't be done tomorrow, sadly

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Last week was such a write off...I only got to the gym on monday and saturday. Blah.

Today was a really good workout..different gym where I have no personal distractions, and the environment is definitely made for lifters. I was diggin' it.

Killed my shoulders with 4 sets of military press...after 3 sets of 12 with 30lbs I felt I could do more, so I grabbed the 20 and pumped out another set of 12.

I tried a new exercise for biceps..it's a normal DB curl, but when lowering the weight you turn your hands so that palms face down. Those suckers burn.

I increased my bench by 1 rep/set again (up to 12). Except this time I did 2 sets of 65, then increased to 75lb for a set of 8. I wanted to do more but I was pretty sure I wouldn't get the bar back up.


As of this weekend I'm putting serious consideration into competing within the next year...

I found out that 2 of my classmates from high school are competing (both guys), and another that was in powerlifting with me. It makes the idea/possibility of me doing it seem very real. On top of that, a friend of mine is wanting to get into competing as well, and he would be willing to sign up if I do. EEK! It's terrifying...I'd love to do it, but I don't know if I can. I look at the women I'd be up against and I don't look ANYTHING like them...

Advice, anyone??

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Back to the gym after a day off yesterday..Quite looking forward to it, possibly due to renewed perspective. I discovered that I no longer properly fit in my batman shirt because my shoulders got too big. I'm both thrilled and a little sad about this lol


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Nice Batman shirt !!


Hope your throat is starting to feel better now? You never know, you might have needed that week away from the gym and it might have actually benefitted you in terms of muscular/mental recovery. Just go hard again from now.


Even from all my time doing powerlifting, I can honestly say I have never had a single dream about bench pressing lol.

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Nice Batman shirt !!


Hope your throat is starting to feel better now? You never know, you might have needed that week away from the gym and it might have actually benefitted you in terms of muscular/mental recovery. Just go hard again from now.


Even from all my time doing powerlifting, I can honestly say I have never had a single dream about bench pressing lol.



I do feel stronger this week after taking most of last off..but if I had my choice I still wouldn't have taken the time off lol I didn't like it all.


Dreams about lifting are kinda fun...you wake up with more desire than usual to get to the gym! lol It's like the dream workout energizes you!

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Hope you have a great weekend, anything planned?


I'll be back in the gym next week, have had an enforced rest and I can't wait to get stuck back in !!



Gotta hit the gym at 7am tomorrow, other than that my time will be spent looking after a rather sick pup

Have a good time getting back into the gym! That's the only benefit of taking time off...it feels 10x better going back.

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Did a light leg workout today.. (It should have been done last night along with zumba, but a. work was crazy and didn't make it out in time for gym and b. I don't think my groin is up for zumba quite yet..)

Single leg curls 30lb x 16 for 3 sets

Single leg extensions 30lb x 15 for 3 sets

Squats (just BB, therefore 45lb) x 20 for 2 sets

Lunges w/ 10lb DB x 12 for 2 sets


Back at it tomorrow with upper body, but I'll have limited time (hour, tops) I think I'll just do supersets for everything. Hopefully I can muster up the focus for that..I really don't like being in the gym by work anymore. Personal issues within the gym ruin my mood, concentration, and my workout as a whole.

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Sounds like you might wanna consider swapping gyms?..


I only go to the 'undesirable' one on days when I'm at work because I don't have time to go else where. Luckily, with my schedule the way it is, that means only twice a week. The rest of the time I go to a gym that's a lifter's dream lol Love it there.

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Thoroughly enjoyed my lower body workout yesterday...I was a little annoyed that there wasn't a single free squat rack when I needed it, but I made up for it by using the Smith machine for single leg squats. I worked abs directly for the first time in quite a while...my obliques aren't appreciating that fact today.

Sitting leg curls (both legs) 50lb x 20 for 3

Leg extensions (both legs) 50lb x 15 for 3 (Quads were still sore from friday's workout...made me pretty happy)

Lying leg curls 40lb x 12 for 3

Deadlifts 115lb x 10 for 3 (my back is feeling those extra reps today [i usually do 3 sets of 8])

Smith machine single leg squats 25-30lb x 10 for 3

Lunges w/ 10lb DBs x 15 for 3

Cable crunches x 30 for 4 (did these using the lat pull down machine)

Standing oblique crunch w/ 15lb DB x 15 for 3 (per side)

Oblique crunch with twist (on the back extension bench...does that thing have a name??) x 20 for 3 (per side)

Medicine ball twist 20/side for 3


Heading out to the gym shortly to hit my upper body. Trying a couple new things...head-level bicep cable curls, Arnold press (did this once last week..love it!), and tricep cable pushdowns instead of extensions. Usually I alternate exercises each time I'm in the gym, but I think what I'll do now is stick with a routine for a month, then change up a few things. Now would be a good time to start, being [nearly] the start of a new month.


I really need to figure out my diet, too...in the last several years, I was happiest at 115lb, so that's been my ideal all this time, but I'm not sure I should go back to that...I eat for weightloss as I'm in a calorie deficit every day (well..most lol) but I don't know if that's best. Maybe I should be eating MORE to put on the muscle that I want...but I really don't want to see the number on the scale go back up to 130lb. Maybe I should just stay off the scale for a while, increase intake a bit to try to put on more muscle and see what that makes me look like, instead of focusing on what the number makes me THINK I look like...*sigh*

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Monday's upperbody workout was good, pretty solid overall..I took pushups out of the lineup for now. I might start doing them again in the future.. Randomly when I'm not in the gym I drop and do some, though.

Today's workout was depressing. I attempted to do Bodypump class and in the warm up I discovered that my leg wasn't up for squats or lunges. *sigh* I guess I have to give in and get this looked at.

Despite today's failure, I'm going to attempt a leg workout tomorrow and just keep the weight low and the reps high. Not even going to bother trying Zumba though...I just wanna do cardio! ...never thought I'd say that! lol

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