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Hi Everyone! I recently ordered Vegan Bodybuilding & Fitness and came across the 12 Day Challenge. I am in need of some motivation so this is a wonderful coincidence.


A little about myself: Female, early 30s. Went vegan in 2007, primarily for ethical and environmental reasons. Little did I know how much transitioning to a plant-based diet would positively impact my health. At the time I was an overworked, overstressed, overweight grad student. Actually, I was obese at 210 lbs on a 5’6’’ frame. By eliminating animal foods, gradually transitioning to a less processed, whole foods diet, and regularly walking I have lost over eighty pounds and maintain my weight with ease.


I enjoy keeping up-to-date on nutritional aspects of a plant-based diet; my real challenge is staying motivated with regard to exercise. I enjoy walking, and have added Pilates, sit-ups, and yoga to my regular physical activity. I also ‘lift’ liquid laundry detergent containers or whatever heavy item I can find around the house. I’m on a budget and try to stick with low or no-cost physical fitness options. One of my goals is to start running and I have signed up for a half-marathon training program that also includes access to a full-service fitness center.


I look forward to getting motivated and staying on track.




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Welcome to the group!


Thanks so much for being here and thank you for supporting my book and my online fitness program. So cool!


Congratulations on your weight loss success. That is great to hear.


I hope you find the forum to be a fun and informative place.


All the very best. Happy Holidays!



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Hi M.! Congratulations on your weight loss success and dedication! Welcome to the forum. I'm new as well, and looking forward to gaining knowledge, inspiration, and motivation from others here in the community.


Happy New Year!


All the best,


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