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Lets do this! Jeremy's training log

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  • 2 weeks later...

Dec. 31st


20 min treadmill moderate pace, intervals


Bench Press 100/3/10


Incline Press 40/2/10


Reverse Pec Deck 60/15 (new exercise)






Tricep Extension 60/2/10


Lat Pulldown 120/2/10

Rope Forearm curl 15/4


Leg Press 145/2/10


Ab Incline 2/20


Ab Isolator 170/3/20


Dumbbell Row 50/2/10


End Workout with 15 mins treadmill moderate pace/ intervals

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Alright! Jan 1st log entry: at home because of the gym being open later then i can go. at home i only have a 35 lb set of dumbbells so i improvised


10 min warmup on treadmill at moderate pace


Incline press: 35/2/15


Pushups: 4/20


Crunches: 3/20


Dumbbell row: 35/2/15


Cooldown: 20 min on treadmill/ moderate pace


Back to the gym tomorrow AM so def a more complete workout!

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Nice work, Jeremy!


Way to use the equipment you had available combined with bodyweight exercises. Looking forward to seeing your entry after you hit the gym.


Stay hungry, stay motivated, stay focused and have a whole lot of fun!


All the best!



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1-3-12 6:00AM Great mood, a little distracted (family issues) pushed through it though


warmup 10 min treadmill moderate pace

2/20 pushup



Bench press 100/2/10 (should be able to bump this up soon)


Reverse Pec deck 60/1/15




Incline press 40/3/10


Lat pulldown 120/2/10


Rope forearm curl 15/4

Tricep extension 60/3/10

Hanging leg raises: 3/15

Lat raises 15/3/10

Cable Curl: 120/3/10

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Wow, you squeezed a lot into that workout! That's like a whole chest, back, shoulder and arm blast! Just sent you a detailed email which I think you'll like.


Let's talk about how long you've been at it in the gym and see if we can switch some of those machine and cable exercises to barbells and dumbbells if you're comfortable doing so. I still use a combination of everything, but I try to make the majority of lifts, especially for large muscle groups, completed on barbells and dumbbells.


With my current program, I'm only using barbells and dumbbells, no machines at all, so naturally I'm quite enthusiastic about that kind of training, but let's talk about what you're comfortable with, what you have access too, etc. Machines and cables can be great too, but let's squeeze in some more compound, free-weight lifts. I like the brief cardio and push-ups. That's how I like to roll too. A lot of people don't take the time to warm up their heart, lungs, joints and muscles and end up getting hurt as a result. I've done that many times myself and have learned the hard way. Nice to see you warming up before getting into the workout.


All the best tomorrow!


Go get it!

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Warmup: 10min tread

2x20 pushups

2x20 crunches


Calf raises: 115x3x12

Back Extension 240x2x12

Squats 50x3x10

Kneeling leg curl 80x3x10

Leg presses 140x3x10


Right knee bothering me a little during the squats, but I knowW could have done more weight on the leg press had that not been the issue.


Cardio; treadmill 30 min moderate pace 2.38 miles

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I would also look into Bill Phillip's Body-For-LIFE program. That is what got me into bodybuilding more than 10 years ago and the program worked brilliantly.


I still suggest it to people all the time. It's all about training upper body one day, cardio the next, lower body the following day, cardio the next, back to upper, then rest. Then in the next week it's twice lower body and once upper body. The workouts are specific and timed as well to be 52 or 46 minutes, if I recall correctly.


They also advocate, as do I, eating 6 meals a day with protein, fats and carbs at each meal, if possible (though I eat fruit alone, all the time).


That cardio after weights is awesome at burning fat too, so I am glad you picked that up from the email. If you look into Body-For-LIFE you'll see that in their cardio sessions which are only 20 min I believe, you change your level of intensity each minute.


You give it a level 5 effort for the first two min to warm up, then a 6 for a minute, then 7, then 8, 9 and 10, all out for a minute, then back down to 5 for 2 min to recover, and repeat.


I'm going to incorporate that soon, when I do cardio sessions. I don't do much cardio now because I'm looking to bulk up and add all the fat and muscle I want, but cardio in general, keeps my heart and lungs healthy and fit so that's good.


All the best with your next workout! Glad you'll be spending a lot of time on barbells and dumbbells! Be sure to spend a good amount of time warming up and stretching. I stretch for a significant portion of my workout these days.





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So the house guests set me back a little bit but while they were here, I did 3x20 pushups and 3x20 crunches each day to at least get something in.

Today was gym time!



Warmup: 10 min treadmill moderate pace

3x20 pushups

3x20 crunches



Bench Press: 100x3x10


Hanging Leg raises: 2x20


Lat pulldown: 120x3x15


Rope forearm curl: 15x4


Dumbbell Lat raises: 15/3/10


Incline Press: 35/3/10


Reverse Pec Deck: 60x1x15




Ab Iso: 170x2x15


Tricep Press: 60/3/10


Cooldown: 10 min treadmill moderate pace


Time for an orange and a Vega shake!

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I like the idea of "getting some form of exercise in" when you're otherwise very busy. I do the same. There are often unique opportunities to fit something in, even if it is just means running from point A to B, or doing calf raises while standing in line, or push-ups in between social gatherings or meals, and so on.


Welcome back to the gym. Nice to see some free weights in there too.


Enjoy that Vega! Oranges and Vega are often how I start my day, including today.


Have a great one!

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Warmup: 10 min treadmill

2x20 pushups

2x20 crunches




Bench press: 110x3x10 (raised this one 10lbs today) (15 crunches between sets)

Incline Press: 40x2x10

Dumbbell Row: 40x2x10

Hanging Leg Raises: 2x20

Dumbbell Curls: 25x2x10

Forearm curl: 15x4x10 (raise this one next time)

Lat raises: 20x2x10

Rev Pec Dec: 60x15




Cooldown: 10 min treadmill moderate pace

10 min elliptical interval between moderate and fast pace

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warmup: 15 min tread, mod pace

2x20 pushups

2x20 crunches




Bench Press: 120x2x10


dumbbell Curls: 25x2x10

Incline Press: 35x1x15



Rope Forearm Curl: 20x4

Lat pulldown: 120x2x8


Tri Press: 60x3x10


Hanging Leg Raises: 2x20

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Nice work. How was your weekend?


How do your lifts compare to teh previous weeks? You going up in weight or adjusting rep range?


Using anything specific fore pre-workout like fruit, lemon water, supplements or anything like that?


Hope all is awesome. Keep up the great, consistent work. That is how results are created, through consistency and adaptation.


Enjoy your week! Check the mail tomorrow.

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