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So without thinking I kinda just screwed myself on running training hahahahahahaha well on cardio really!! I really wanted to get it done, had the money and so I went for it! I don't regret getting it and I will just have to do low intensity cardio.




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Today was the first day in 8 days that I was able to run because my foot is finally healed enough to allow it. Let's just say it felt great but can tell I missed that week. Friday I have my first fun night run called the Rave Run. Should be very colorful and loads of music. I can't wait!!!

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Friday night I did a fun Rave Run that was 2.5 miles and ended up running 2 miles of it total not all at once.... Not timed just a total fun run with glow sticks, lights, rave music, expensive beer and loads of people! Tried to run today and it was horrible! Very humid heavy air making it very difficult to run in even with my inhalers.... running program has me running 25 min straight or 2.5 miles. Really??? I am not that good yet just trying to get to the point can run solid 25 mins before I work on distance hahaha

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