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Road to a RAW 500+ Deadlift / 300+ Bench / 400+ Squat

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Intense cardio session today.


A whole bunnnnnch of jump ropes.


Did about 20 30 seconds sprint intervals at the end with only 20 seconds recovery between.


Had my first imitator at the gym today, atleast, the first I have ever been aware of.


While I was doing my sprint intervals in the circuit training room which has a interval clock set to 30 secs with 20 sec rest periods another dude grabbed a jump rope and started doing the same thing as me. He tried to battle me and show me up but wasn't able to keep up. He ended up quitting and leaving to go do something else and I kept on going.

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Went back and did some jump rope intervals again.


Made it to 121 in 30 seconds, but it was at the end of my second workout of the day. I had one where my pace was at about 135-140 in 30 seconds but got tripped up with about 12 seconds to go.


Light Romanian and Standard BB Deadlifts to show my friend how to do them properly.

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Chest day with my friend. I wish I could work out with someone who knows what they are doing. I dont trust him spotting me on heavier lifts at all. Not only because he is new but because of his strength, or lack of it.


Jump rope warm ups




Incline BB Bench:

45x12, 135x12, 155x5 (dont trust him so hung it up), 95x12 (to show him form again)


Incline DB Press:

30sx12, 50sx12, 70sx8, 75sx3


Neutral Close Grip Flat DB Press:

30sx12, 40sx12, 50sx11


This one seems to put a lot less stress on my shoulder than a traditional flat bench. It still hurt a little but not like when I do flat bench nowadays. A lot more triceps involved.


Incline DB Fly: (FST-7)

20sx15 reps x all 7 sets


Big improvement from the last time I did these on march 30th (did 15sx15 for first 6 sets and then 20sx15 for set 7)


I am actually supposed to use the Pec Dec for my FST-7 on chest day but some bro dude was hogging tht up for a good 20 minutes so we made due with what we could.


Followed up with 30 second HIIT jump rope intervals with 20 seconds rest inbetween. I think I did like 15-20 sets maybe. I know I upped my Personal Best to 128 jumps in 30 seconds from 121 yesterday.

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Back today. Felt pretty strong.


9-10 30 second jump rope intervals to warm up.




Bent Over BB Rows:

45x12, 135x12, 190x6, 140x12, 45x12


Super Wide Lat Pulldowns:

75x12, 105x12, 135x10


One Arm DB Rows: per each arm

30x12, 50x12, 70x12, 100x4


DB Russian Twists:

10x40, 15x40, 20x40


DB Romanian Deadlifts: (db in each hand)

50sx12, 70sx12, 90sx8


I love these. I look awesome when I do them and they are much harder than the BB version due to no mixed grip.


DB Pullovers: (FST-7)

40 lb db x 7 sets of 15 reps, 30 seconds of rest between sets only.


I was able to just barely maintain at 40 lbs today. Last week had to drop down to 35 for last 2-3 sets.


Messed around with some jump rope tricks.


Broke the string on my workout shorts so I couldnt do speed ropes because it made my pants fall down!

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Needless to say I had a fucking awesome workout after seeing the scale today.


Shoulders today. My Triceps were sore as hell, possibly from pullovers yesterday. But I dont care, give me the weight.


Jump rope intervals




Seated DB Press:

30sx12, 50sx12, 60sx12


Didnt go super heavy on these today since I came very close to hurting myself badly last week.


Plate Front Raises:

25x12, 45x10 (+1), 45x9


Upped PR by 1 rep.


Bent Over Rear DB Raises:

10sx15, 15sx15, 20sx15


DB Shrugs: (one in each hand)

40sx12, 60sx12, 80sx12, 115sx5, 100sx12


That set of 115s was brutal. Grip was so difficult. I think that gave out before my traps and shoulders. 100s felt like childs play after those.


DB Standing Lateral Raises: (fst-7)

12.5sx15 reps, 7 sets, 30 secs rest between


Barely made it through these today. FST-7 is the best and worst thing ever. It is a headgame to the fullest.


Followed up by:


Jump rope intervals


30" and 24" box jumps


Some explosive jumps


Side jumps and ice skaters


Sprint interval speed rope for a few sets

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Finally had a full leg day for the first time in 3 maybe 4 weeks. They felt pretty strong still too.


Jump ropes




Smith Squats: (all to parallell)

45x12, 135x12, 225x12, 275x10, 315x6, 365x3


Weighted DB Walking Lunges:

25sx16, 40sx12, 60sx10, 40sx12, BWx20, BWx16, 30sx12


Weighted Step Ups: (barbell added on shoulders)

100 lb bb x 20 reps x 3 sets


Romanian DB Deadlift: (db in each hand)

50sx12, 50sx12, 70sx12, 90sx10, 100sx6


These are so intense. No mixed grip to save me. Phew. It is every arm for itself.


Machine Leg Curls:

75x12, 90x12, 105x10


And thats when t left knee started hurting on the last two sets. Staying away from these for a while. Plus the machine is stupid and the part that is supposed to stay at your achilles is free moving instead of stationary.


Machine Leg Extensions: (FST-7)

45x15, 45x15, 45x15, 45x15, 45x15, 45x15, 60x15


These are still aweful with light weight. Only 30 seconds of "rest", aka stretching the already tired muscle, between each set.


Jump ropes to make my legs not feel like jello.


Feels good to be back baby.

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Today was a pretty damn good arm workout day.


Jump rope warm up




Standing Alt. DB Curls:

25sx12, 30sx12, 40sx10


Alt. DB Hammer Curls:

25sx12, 35sx12, 40sx12, 42.5sx10 (last two were with some jerking)


Threw some hammers in since its been months since I had done them.


BW Dips:

BWx9, +25x5, +45x3, BWx7, BWx9


These were pretty tough today. That 4th set was with basically no rest after the +45 set.


Standing High Pulley Cable Curls: (weight on each side)

30sx12, 60sx10, 75sx4 drop 30sx12


Close Neutral Grip Flat DB Tricep Press:

25sx12, 40sx12. 50sx11.5


Dammit I couldnt get the 12th rep up!


Standing BB Curls: (FST-7)

45 lb straight BB x 7 sets of 15 reps (+5 lbs from last week)


Much harder with a straight bar rather than EZ curl bars.


Tricep Rope Pushdowns: (FST-7)

50 lbs x 5 sets of 15, last 2 sets lowered to 45 x 15 (+5 lbs on first 5 sets from last week)


Wrist BB Curls: (FST-7)

40 lb BB x 7 sets of 15


Finally able to stay at 40 for all 7 sets. It was a battle but I did it with a few rest pauses.

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Went to the gym at like 3 am and did some jump rope.


Then i did some pull up tests to see how muchy strength has increased.


I did some door sill pullups. I like these because your fingers are being utilized a lot more. I was able to fo about 4 in a row for 3-4 sets.


Then I switched over to some neutral grip pullups for 4 reps x 4 sets.


Didnt try any chin ups since I had just worked biceps the day before.


Well this had me excited since I have never been able to do actual pull-ups before.

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Pretty good chest workout today. Although my chest was sore as hell going into this from dips.


Freeweight BB Incline Press:

45x12, 135x12, 145x7, 140x8


DB Incline Press:

20sx12, 40sx12, 55sx12, 70sx6 (bleh)


Smith Incline Press:

45x12, 135x12, 185x4, 155x12, 135x12


Hadnt done these in ages so I decided to throw some in the mix.


Pec-Dec: (FST-7)

105x15, 105x15, 105x15, 90x15 for last 4 sets


My chest was whooped today so I had to do these at a lower weight.

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Back in the gym today. Trained Back pretty hard.


Jump rope warm up


Neutral Grip Pullups:



BB Bent Over Rows: (underhanded)

45x12, 135x12, 140x12, 100x12, 45x15, 45x15


Wide Grip Lat Pulldowns:

75x12, 90x12, 105x12, 120x12. 135x10, 150x7


DB One Arm Rows:

25sx12, 50sx12, 70sx12, 75sx12


High Pulley Angled Close Grip Pulls:

45x12, 75x12, 105x12, 135x12, 165x12, 225x10


DB Pullovers: (FST-7)

42.5 db x 7 sets of 15 reps (+2.5 lbs from last week)


Had to take a few 5 second rest pauses on the last 2-3 sets.

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Well i guess i pulled something yesterday/this morning and didnt know until I went to workout legs today. Have a terrible pain in my interior hip extensor/groin during squats. Hell it hurt to just about everything so i just walked for like 15 minutes and then came home. This sucks ass. Hopefully it heals in a few days. My back is so insanely sore from yesterday.

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