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Road to a RAW 500+ Deadlift / 300+ Bench / 400+ Squat

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Back on it tonight! Took 3 days off from the gym.


Rack Deadlift: (just under knee height for the bar)





475x1 (PR)

495x1 (NEW PR)


This went up pretty easy tonight.


Incline BB Bench Press:




240x1 (PR)







BB Squats:








Couldn't quite get my form right today for some reason. Felt like the weight was too high onto my neck so i kept these pretty light.


Leg Press:




1000x5 (PR)


Strict EZ Bar Curls: (done with back to a wall and no upper body movement)






Will def try more with this next time.

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You should try competing. It's pretty crazy how much more you get out of the adrenaline when you're standing in front of a room full of people. I'll bet you could already do each of these lifts.

Completely agree.


I am actually looking into possibly doing a meet. Looking for a competition coming up around here so I can atleast put myself on a timeline. I think it would help a lot having an actual goal. I don't know how my shoulder will hold up on flat bench though. It hurts pretty bad even pressing 135. This is why I usually stick to incline press. What is the best website for looking for competitions coming up?

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What is the best website for looking for competitions coming up?

Sounds great


Check out this one http://www.powerliftingwatch.com/node/4421


They have a pretty good search engine if you type in what you are looking for. That said, I'd also check the website of various federations as not all of the meets from all of the different federation are listed on there. Be aware of the types of meets you are looking at as some are raw, equipped, tested, untested, etc; IMO you're probably best doing a raw meet first to see how everything runs on the day, then you can progress on from there.


Give me a yell if you have any questions or need any help with anything Matt, MF.

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Welp I hit a huge bump on this road. Severely injured my left knee either in the gym or at work. Woke up barely able to walk on it. Going up and down stairs and in and out of the ambulance at work is agony. I really do think it is the heavy leg presses. This is how I hurt the same leg last time (1300 lb leg presses). I am done doing leg press forever now. Going to stay off of it a week, ice it, and see how it feels. Will work on upper body this week I guess. Very unhappy with this as I was making huge progress on a weekly basis on my deadlifts.

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After taking 9 days off from the gym I am going to attempt to make it through a workout tomorrow. Probably just rack deadlifts and pressing. I will have to slowly ease squats back in. I am so stressed out and devastated by this happening I nearly want to give up.

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I was pretty sure I commented, obviously didn't hit the 'Submit' button or something which is quite possible lol. 9-10 days off you shouldn't lose much (if any) strength, it's probable that you can just pick things up right where you left off. Also likely that the layoff did you good as I know from reading this log how hard you can push yourself.


Either way enjoy getting back into the gym, stay positive and never give up. We all encounter injuries at some point in one form or another, it's how we deal with them and move on that matters.

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