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Adora's New Year's Resolution- journey to success!

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All Right! This is right on time for me. My baby is actually 8 months old today and I have gradually worked off the weight that I gained while pregnant. Currently I teach fitness classes and have been working hard to build a more efficient and lean body. Recently, I went too the doctor and discovered that I had some cells that were one stage before cancerous and my doctor now wants to discuss treatment options on January 11th. The day after I got this news I decided to jump into a juice fast in order to boost my immune system and cleanse my body. Though I have lived as a vegan before I have been eating meat and everything else for about 5 years now.


The more I study the more I know that when I am through with this fast, I want to step back into a mostly raw life style. My main concern with this fast is the muscle that I might lose but, I know I can rebuild once I have a clean body again.


I have become addicted to lifting heavy weights and love the benefits of body building. My husband has been a professional body builder and we have both shared in the "got eat a ton of protein" philosophy. He is now considering living a life with out meat. I look forward to being a part of this community!


For the record- I am 5'1" 119 pounds

By body fat % is 12.56

Along with healing myself I would like to release 15 pounds of fat.

Today I am going to the gym to train my lower body with heavy weights. I will track that later.

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Thanks for creating such a wonderful space and thanks for the support!


All the very best to you and your family in health this year.


I hope everything goes well and you and your family are on a great, healthy pass to optimum wellness.


Keep after it.


All the best and happy, healthy holidays!



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Christmas eve. I am chillin in my jammies and hanging out with my family. It is day 4 of my detox and I am feeling better. My husband is getting inspired to eat in a more natural way. He has been affected by the American Diet. He has 6 pack abs but his blood pressure went up from the sodium in the processed foods.

Yesterday I did a full body training but with lighter weights than normal. Today I plan on training abs.

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If you lost 15 pounds of fat you would have a body fat percentage of 0%. 12% is already low for a female! I would say 5 pounds of pure body fat and you would be incredibly shredded.


Thanks for the advice! That goal came from looking at the height and weight of another fitness model who is my height and looks great. I am not positive that my body fat percentage is 12.6% I am using the Jackson Pollock method and using calipers to measure 4 sites but when I take my measurements I am not so sure the body fat percentages are correct however, 5- 7 pounds of fat loss would probably leave me exactly where I desire to be. Did I tell you that I LOVE this website? It is really helping to keep me focused and inspired.


I really want to create phenomenal results, so that I can be a living testament to all of my meat eating body builder friends!

Merry Christmas and thanks for taking the time to read and reply!

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Day 6 of my detox. About to make a juice feast. I teach a Zumba class tonight so that will be full blown cardio and will have family over today so the rest of the day will be focused with them.

Yesterday, I almost went off of my cleanse (not really but the urges were intense, especially when my roomie served up a big sit- down Christmas dinner with all of the fixings) and then I saw Oprah's premier of Crazy, Sexy, Cancer and she also featured a Vegan author. That gave me the boost that I needed mentally.

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Thanks Robert,

I am easing into a raw food cleanse and am thinking that my new plan will be something like this-


Water and then

Juice in the morning


Green smoothie with banana's, apple, fruit and greens with some almond milk


Huge green Salad for lunch with avocado


and then juice the rest of the day.


Today that has been about what I did. Not sure if I am going to train today.

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All right! I won the 9 day prize! Woohoo!


I have been studying the 80/10/10 diet a bit and have ordered the book.

This is day 10 of my detox cleanse. I am eating 95% RAW

Today I have already eaten 6 bananas and a ton of fruit and veggies.

My daughter is still home from child care for the holidays so I might do Body Pump at home today.

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Okay so far today I have eaten bananas, carrots, a HUGE salad with a small avocado and a tsp of Olive Oil.

I also had a fruit smoothie with strawberries, melons and pineapple- Yummy!


I may do Body Pump today but have been taking it easy because starting in 2 weeks I will be teaching 6 classes a week or more so I am enjoying the rest!

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Today I taught Body Pump and Zumba.

I am working on eating basically the same things everyday.

My plan is -


morning: to have bananas and maybe a pear or an apple.


Snack: 4-5 frozen bananas blended with a bit of almond milk and vanilla.


Lunch: Salad or raw tacos or wrap with avocado and nuts


Dinner: More salad or zucchini pasta


Snack: Melons, pears or dates- whatever I feel like having.

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