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From Fat to.....Jesse's Fit Before 43 progress pics.

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I am not going to get into detail about my summer from hell but 2012 is a week away so I am going to post these pics because I need to motivation to improve myself.Gaining almost 40 pounds the last 7-8 months is kind of stressful.binge eating on junk food, soda and all that crap has to stop..Time to Kick My Ass! So sit back and watch as i make a second attempt of becoming the fittest and healthiest I have ever been...I will make a habit of posting pics the last week or so of the months.stay tuned...









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It's Go Time, Jesse. Let's do this!


Create a list of goals and determine how much they mean to you. Be specific and attach meaning to each one. Not just, "I want to lose weight" but how much, and why, and in what ways are you going to approach it to achieve it, and by what time frame and so on.


I've enjoyed seeing your detailed training journal.


Looking forward to watching you succeed. The tools are out there. Take action and make it happen.


All the best!

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yeah change the header from fit before 40 to fit before 43 to go with my current age...here some some beginners pics i guess since i have recommiting myself to get back on track......







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