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STIX 2012 Journal and cartoons

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Jan 27


132 lbs



L glutamine and 3 creatines

protein shake 30g

bread and jam 7g

2 bananas

quinoa salad 10g

tofurky 15g

bagel 17g

2nd shake 29g

nuts 2g

tofu and brown rice 24g

total protein 134g



1 hr 45 split bi/tri/shoulders


5 min row warm up

20 minutes HIIT cardio

Shoulder press - [email protected] 100lbs, [email protected], [email protected]

Shrugs - [email protected] 125lbs, [email protected] 155lbs, [email protected] 175lbs

Dumbell side raises - [email protected] 10kg/ea + [email protected] 7.5kg/ea, [email protected] 10kg + 9 @ 7.5kg, [email protected] 10kg/ + [email protected] 7.5kg

Front barbell raise - [email protected], [email protected] 45lbs, [email protected] 54lbs, [email protected] 45lbs

Bi cable curl - [email protected] 22.5lbs/ea x 3

Bi dumbell curl - [email protected] 25lbs/ea, [email protected] 25lbs, [email protected] 25lbs/ea

Tri cable pulldown - [email protected] 13kg, [email protected] 14kg, [email protected] 156kg, [email protected] 16kg

Tri dumbell extension - [email protected] 19kg/ea, [email protected] 10kg/ea, [email protected] 10kg/ea

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Jan 28th




16% body fat...that's way up...not sure if good or bad.

Next week I start cutting for the May competition.



2 creatines and L glutamine

protein shake 28g


nuts 3g

bagel and humous 19g

tofurky 25g

1 cup orange juice

tofu and brown rice 18g

recovery drink mix 4g

pea protein shake 34g

bread and jam 4g


Total protein 135g



1 hr 30 min quad/hams/glutes


5 minute warm up stairs

Squats - [email protected] 115lbs, 10 @ 155lbs, [email protected] 155lbs fail

Leg Press - [email protected] 385lbs, [email protected] 435lbs, [email protected] 475lbs fail

Deadlift - [email protected] 110lb, [email protected] 110lbs, [email protected] 110lbs

Lunges - [email protected] 85lbs, [email protected] 85lbs, [email protected] 105lbs

Leg Extension - [email protected] 130lbs, [email protected] 130lbs, [email protected] 140lbs fail

Leg curl - [email protected] 105lbs, [email protected] 100lbs, [email protected] 100lbs

Back Extension - [email protected] 45lbs, [email protected] 45lbs, [email protected] 45lbs

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Jan 29

132 lbs



2 creatines and L glutamine

protein shake 34g

rice and tofu 14g

vega bar 15

nuts 5g

orange juice

2nd shake 39g

apple juice

2 bananas and raspberries

pea protein shake 23g

bread and jam 6g


Total protein 138g

Macros - 333g carb/138g pro/65.5g fat/2400 calories



2 hrs split back/chest


chest press - [email protected] 45lbs, [email protected] 65lbs, [email protected] 65lbs, 6 + 6 @ 75lbs

Chest cable pulldowns - [email protected] 10lbs/ea, [email protected] 15lbs/ea, [email protected] 17.5lbs/ea

Pec Fly - [email protected] 40lbs, [email protected] 50lbs, [email protected] 50lbs

Cable chest pull ups - [email protected] 10lbs/ea, [email protected] 12.5lbs/ea, [email protected] 12.5lbs/ea

Chin ups - 13 + 9 + 6 wide grip, 6 @ 10lbs

Lat pulldown - [email protected] 100lbs, [email protected] 115lbs, [email protected] 115lbs

Cross pulley pullback - [email protected] 7.5lbs/ea, [email protected] 10lbs/ea, [email protected] 10lbs/ea

1 arm row - 8 @ 50lbs/ea x 3

Seated row - wide grip - [email protected] 100lbs, [email protected] 110lbs, [email protected] 110lbs

Bent over row - [email protected] 85lbs, [email protected] 95lbs, [email protected] 105lbs

20 minutes cardio with intervals - bike and elliptical


Competition prep

made a chart of every food I eat and listed protein/carb/fat/calorie content for all.

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Jan 30





2am banana

L glutamine and 2 creatines

protein shake 34g


bake beans 21g

rice cakes and humous 6


nuts 7

vega bar 9

bagel and tofutti - 17g

2nd protein shake 138g

pea protein shake 26g

bread 6g


total protein 161g

Macros - 337 carb/164 prot/76 fat / 2560 calories



1 hr 35min split abductor/adductor/calves, forearms, abs


16 minutes bike cardio with intervals

Adductor - [email protected] 275lbs, [email protected], [email protected] 305lbs + 2 drop sets

abductor - [email protected] 170lbs, [email protected] 185lbs, [email protected] 200lbs + 2 drop sets

Calf press - [email protected] 475lbs, [email protected] 565lbs, [email protected] 565lbs

Seated calf raises - 15+burns @ 135lbs, [email protected] 157lbs, [email protected] 190lbs

Ab crunch - [email protected] 100lbs, [email protected] 105lbs, [email protected] 110lbs

Cable ab crunch - [email protected] 62.5lbs, 12 @ 72.5lbs

Sit ups - 25 @ 25lbs, [email protected] 25lbs

Leg ups - 30 + 15+ 15

Wrist curl - [email protected] 90lbs, [email protected] 90lbs, [email protected] 90lbs

Reverse wrist curl - 15+ 20 + 15 @ 40lbs barbell

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Jan 31


132 lbs



L glutamine and 3 creatines

Protein shake

quinoa salad

bagel and hummus

3 rice cakes and humous

vega bar

2nd protein shake


orange juice

6 tofurky slices


Total protein 137.5g


Macros 268 carb/ 137.5 prot/88.5 fat /2265 calories



2 hr 15 minutes (3 splits) tri/bi/shoulders


shoulder press - [email protected] 100lbs, [email protected] 120lbs, [email protected] 120lbs

Cable shoulder pullups - [email protected] 10lbs/ea, [email protected] 7.5lbs/ea, [email protected] 7.5lbs/ea

Cable shoulder pulldown - [email protected] 35lbs x 3

Dumbell side raises - 6 @ 10kg/ea + [email protected] 7.5kg/ea = [email protected] 5kg/ea x 3

Front barbell raise - [email protected] 55lbs, [email protected] 55lbs, 10 + 5 @ 65lbs

Shrugs - [email protected] 105lbs, [email protected] 145lbs, 10+ 6 @ 155lbs

Tri cable pulldown - [email protected] 13kg, [email protected] 14kg, [email protected] 15kg, [email protected] 16kg and 2 drop sets

Tri extension - 20 @ 10kg/ea x 3

Tri EZ curl - 11 + 11+ 9 @ 20lbs

Bi cable curl - [email protected] 12kg, [email protected] 47.5lbs, [email protected] 50lbs 2 drop sets

Dumbell hammer curl - [email protected] 25lbs/ea, [email protected] 25lbs/ea + 5 @ 20lbs/ea, [email protected] 25lbs/ea + 5 @ 20lbs/ea

Reverse Bi curl - 9+9+8 @ 40lbs

20 minutes HIIT cardio on bike

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This one month journal has been really helpful in motivating me to track my food better...I have always kept a detailed gym journal but only just started to pay attention to carbs/protein/fats and calories.

I likely won't continue to add to this journal becasue its fairly time consuming in the evenings to re write everything I already have written in my gym and food books.

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