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MJ's 2012 Journey Begins

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The new goal I've set for myself in 2012 is to put on more functional muscle, to run more, & to be consistent on my posting of cooking/recipes!

I will keep you up to date here on my workouts & so forth!


Fresh perspective:

To not see new challenges as eminent defeat, rather a series of hurdles that will take you to the blue ribbon at the finish line!!

You are capable! You are right where you're supposed to be!

Let's have a fun year!!

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Today has been a busy day out of town visiting with family & friends! Therefore, no set gym time!

This is NOT a normal workout day by any means, but I found very creative ways to be active

Started off my morning by working on a modern dance piece (about 7 x's thru) I'll be performing this upcoming Friday. Then my nieces and nephews were playing wii dance, so I "had" to join in! We ended up dancing to that for a good hour & a 1/2! So fun!

Then a lot of walking around Portland this evening! Tonight I followed up by doing plíes (5 ballet positions), pushups, crunches & stretching!!!


Just have to find ways to be active while being away from home and not having access to a gym today

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So pumped to have you as one of our mentors and just excited to have you on this forum in general. Thank you for your friendship, kindness and support.


I'm wearing the shirt you give me right now while I work. Let's rock this month of January and motivate a whole bunch of people! See you in a few weeks.


Happy New Year!

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Alright guys, I was a forum slacker! I've go to catch y'all up to date on my fitness for the new year!!!

January 2012 Journal:

1st:I started the year off right doing Barre3, which is a combination of ballet, yoga & pilates.

*I have to admit my ribs and mid back were REALLY sore from this!


2nd: Day off-visited family & travelled.


3rd: I did back, tris, calves, abs & cardio

*Flies, lateral rows, kick backs, pull downs, seated calf press, calf raises with 15 lb dumbbells, captains chair, & plank!


4th: Yesterday another intense day, comprised of biceps, shoulders, abs, & calves!!

*standard & hammer curls (higher weight!! yay!), overhead press, lateral raises (not sure what these are called.. front and side flies?), plank, decline obliques, and calf raises on sled and with 40 lb. barbell!


Tonight I have dance rehearsal, so I will be active in a different way! But, I will still do 20 minutes of incline running on treadmill and 10 minutes on stairmill & possibly light legs if they aren't exhausted from dance!


I hope EVERYONE is having an amazing start to their new year!!!!



Live with purpose, full of love!!!!



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You can buy a DVD online. I guess there will be more sometime this year too! Online there is a 40 minute DVD that comes with the ball. It's great to have something like that to change it up! Or, if you might not have time for a full gym workout, anything is better than nothing!!

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RC- thank you for your kindness and friendship! I owe you big time for all the amazing things you've done! I am so honored to be a part of the forum, vbb altogether, be so connected with all the amazing & caring vegans on twitter, Facebook, etc!

Motivating people motivates me!! It's awesome!! <3!

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Alright. Had another CRAZY busy week, but here's the catch up on the workouts!

I'm fighting a bronchial infection (the joy of being in medical work!), so I took it a little lighter this week.

Monday- cardio 45 min between stairs & tread

Tuesday- Cardio on elliptical 45 min, then did back, tris, pliometrics and abs!

Wednesday- After work had a dance meeting, got home late, did abs.

Thursday- Worked all day, then went to my other part time job. Worked 14.5 hours no time to workout

Friday- Off work now, going to bank then TO THE GYM!!!! Legs & light cardio(still have to baby my lungs)

Tomorrow- Biceps and shoulders, abs, and light pliometrics.

Happy Friday folks!!!


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Thanks, Rob! You too!

For sure, I'm working on the t's (I'll msg you) & I think we are going to have to grab lunch or dinner out once while you're here Tried a new place tonight and it's oh so good!


For training: Definitely switched up my workouts! Arms, abs, cardio Friday & legs today (Saturday! Ai yi yi! Gonna be feeling it! YAY!!

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Alright update for the week:

Monday-legs!!! (KILLER) also, tri, ab, cardio, back workout

Tuesday-under the weather. I took a sick day. Not something I do....but I slept an additional 9 hours during the day!!

Wednesday-biceps, glutes, abs & cardio!

Thursday-full blown leg day. Whoa. Good one!! Stacking up on squats...I am determined for better cuts in my legs!! Low back, abs too

Friday-cardio only. Body felt sore and needed to recup!

Saturday-traveling...day off.

Sunday- barre3, lots of walking everywhere....

I'm ready for a nap now

I hope y'all are having a great weekend!!!

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Hey! I plan to come to Town on Tuesday, arriving early evening and then taking off the next morning.


Hope that works for workouts, dinner, hangout, etc.


Let's keep in touch.


PS, OSU basketball is rocking! I've been to a bunch of home games this year and met Gary Payton last night. Taking my Beavers shirt to Texas!


All the best. Have a great week ahead and see you soon!

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  • 2 weeks later...

I have missed a lot of stuff with my safari app not working on my phone lately! I hope everyone's training is going awesome!

A recap from last week for myself:

Tuesday I had one of the most awesome workouts I've had in a long time, thanks to Robert! I pushed myself and worked harder! My arms and shoulders were on fire!!

Here's an overview:

Traditional arm curls with 18lb dumbbells- 3 sets of 12

Seated inverted arm curls 10lb dumbbells- 3 sets of 12

Over head tricep extension single arm 10lb dumbbells- 3 sets of 12

Over head tricep extension double arm 20lb dumbbells- 3 sets of 10

Front and later shoulder flies 8lb dumbbells- 3 sets (each) of 15

Single arm cable pull downs 25lb- 3 sets of 10

Single arm cable pull downs reverse grip 20lb- 3 sets of 10

Single arm bent rows 20lb- 3 sets of 12

21's with a 25lb barbell

Dips- hands on bench, feet elevated w/chair, 10lb plate in lap- 3 sets of 15

Overhead press 17lb dumbbells- 3 sets of 12

...I think that's everything!


Wednesday: leg day!!

This was my first day applying Robert's technique. I chose the two exercise that seem to hit where I want them to most: squats and lunges.

Squats-unassisted with 35lb plates (125lb total weight)- 2 sets of 12

Squats-unassisted with 30lb of plates(105lb total weight)- 3 sets of 12

Squats-unassisted with 25&2.5 plates(100lb total weight)- 3 sets of 10

Lunges-with 45lb bar- 6 sets of 15

-by this point my legs were shaking so bad, I didn't want to compromise my form! I moved away from lunges to hanging leg lifts. I did 7 sets of 15 (both legs bent, both legs straight=ONE)

It was a great day! I was also very sore from this lift!


Thursday: my body was sore everywhere, so I opted for cardio, abs, and yoga!

Yoga was killer because it was a leg day on there! My legs were shaking!!!


Took Friday off, because I had an event directly after work...


Saturday: was sort of a mash up! Whatever muscles weren't sore from the other days!

Low back extension with 10lb weight plate- 3 sets of 15

Cardio- walking and running at different inclines for 30 minutes

Abs- on large ball- knees against wall- 3 sets of 25 front, 3 sets of 15 each side

Calf raises with two 20lb dumbbells- 6 sets of 25

Hammer curls 17lb- 4 sets of 15


Sunday: gym is closed


Monday: arm day! Bi, tri, shoulder

Traditional curls 18lb dumbbells- 8 sets of 12 (bicep)

Dips-hands on bench, feet elevated on chair, with 10lb weight plate- 8 sets of 15(tricep)

21's with 25lb barbell (bicep)

Single arm cable pull down 25lb - 3 sets of 12 (tricep)

Single arm cable pull down reverse grip 20lb- 3 sets of 12 (tricep)

Shoulder rotations 8 lb dumbbells- 3 sets of 15 (each-bent&straight)

Shoulder flies 10lb dumbbells- 3 sets of 15

Cross trained with cardio- running for 3-5 minutes in between sets


Alright! I will see y'all on here sooner than last time!! Have a great day!!!

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Hey all!

Tuesday I ended up in bed with swollen glass and a headache. had to listen to my body & rest!!

Wednesday: I did an hour of cardio. Switching between running and walking at all incline levels!

Thursday: I got a massage and was laid up with a migraine! (gotta get my body recuperated!! )

Friday: cardio, abs, & calves! Right now!!!

Looking forward to a full nights sleep and taking it easy this weekend!

Although, I WILL be doing legs tomorrow!

Hope everyone else has been killing it!!!!

What do you do when you're not feeling well for quick recovery?

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I am OK. I had surgery mid Nov and a host of bad bad bad,,,I will add one more bad things happen ...all following being laid off from a really amazing career job...and my sanity and anchor is always the gym! Always. Still not working, but I had to get strong from the train wreck that occurred in my life...I just came through the most awful times...at one point I was down about 7 pounds from where I am now and all I can say is that the gym saved my life. I d like to be down that 7,...actually, it's probably 3-5 now, I don't weigh..I use my clothes and I am freakishly accurate when I do weigh. So there. I am contemplating writing what really happened as its a Hallmark movie or Jerry springer( and for those that watch southpark, a pabst blue ribbon white trash moment)


So cool you have a non vegan , but vegan friendly man in your life! And a sweet one, too. People like you on forums, whose goodness oozes..well, thank you. Your beauty and radiance shines through, as do many others here.


So, how was the work out under the weather and is the tooth/sinus any better? oh, and the sushi looked divine! Your BF is a keeper!

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Journal for the weekend:

Saturday-went on a really long walk about 2 hours with a girlfriend through the hilly neighborhood!

Today (Sunday)- 30 minute walk after 1/2 time up some steep hills today was mellow, but I'll be back at it tomorrow!

Divamom--Oh man! When it rains it pours!! I'm sorry to hear of your plight! sounds like a really rough time...BUT, we grow through the tough times!!! You should write a screen play

I am lucky! He's a good guy! I'm glad I can have a positive affect on you via the forum!! It's good to be encouraged by like minded acquaintances!

The tooth is still painful, hoping to get in tomorrow to get to fixed!

I'm not sure about the sushi? We went to eat at a sushi bar?? but I had a tofu stir fry I got teased for being the only one not eating fish

But, yes, he is a keeper!!!

Hope you had a great weekend!!

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Leg night


Squat 2x10 w/75lb barbell

Squat 2x10 w/85lb barbell

Squat 2x10 w/95lb barbell

Superset with...

Weighted calf raises

6 sets of 30 (raises)with 18lb dumbbells


6 sessions of intense 3 min cardio on incline

Superset with....

Single leg deadlift w/leg fly, 40lb barbell, sets of 10x6

Superset with....

Plyometrics single leg & double leg across gymnasium


This was an intense, non-stop workout!

Super sleepy. Off to bed!!

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  • 1 month later...

Been a bit of a while...Life's crazy, and I have got to learn to NOT let that depict whether I blog or not! RIGHT??


I had an amazingly intense leg workout today! I am not trying to put on size as much as I am tone up, as I'm training for a figure competition!


I started with Smith Machine Squats (unassisted). 6 set of 8-12 reps


set #1: 45lb bar w/10lb plates


set #2: 45lb bar w/20lb plates


set #3: same as #2


set #4 45lb bar w/25lb plates


set #5: 45lb bar w/30lb plates


set #6: 45lb bar w/35 plates


I super set these squats with 1/2 dumbbell calf raises & sled calf raises, 6 sets of 15 reps.


set #1: 20lb dumbbells 15 calves, feet slightly turned out *first position


set #2: 20 lb dumbbells, toes straight forward


set #3: 20 lb dumbbells, slow raise and lower, in turned out position again.


set #4: calf sled machine-45+ 25=70lb (140 total + sled) toes slightly turned in


set #5: calf sled machine-same weight, toes straight ahead


set #6: calf sled machine-45lb plates only, toes turned out


After a set of each of the following I ran 2 minutes in between...


step ups w/15lb dumbbells- 3 sets-12 reps


super set w/walking lunges wi/abdominal twist 10lb plate-8 lunges per leg, 3 sets


Running in between continued here...


Leg extension 90lb-double leg-2 sets of 12 reps


Leg curl 70lb-double leg-2 sets of 12 reps


Leg extension-50lb single leg-final set of 10


Leg curl 30lb-single leg- final set of 10


Stretched. Drank protein. Ate salad. Blogged Time for bed!!!


Stay Strong. Stay focused. Whatever your goal is....YOU'VE GOT THIS!!!



*oh, yeah...I showered

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Today's workout consisted of....

Insanity video- full body

(I haven't sweat that much in a long time!)

Then, straight to the gym for lifting!

I did bi's & tri's today.

Standard curls with 18lb dumbbell

3 sets of 15 reps

Tricep dips on bench, feet elevated, with 10lb weight plate

3 sets- reps 15, 12, 10

Run half mile

Hammer curls with 15lb dumbbell w/2lb magnetic weight on top

3 sets of 15 reps

Single arm tricep kick downs on cable machine

3 sets of 15

Single arm tricep kick downs reverse grip on cable machine

3 sets of 15

Run half mile

21's 3 sets

Skull crushers (French Press) w/ burnout tri press

3 sets of 15

Abs for 15 minutes


2 hours of intense working out! Love my saturday lifts!!!

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