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Hello, from Melbourne, Australia


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I'm Sarah and I'm a 30 year-old vegan living in Melbourne, Australia. I have been a vegan for about 18 months.

I'm hoping that this site can help me to be more accountable for my eating and working out - a major reason I became a vegan was for the health benefits, but I need to cut out the processed foods! I also really want to get into a really regular fitness routine in 2012 - I feel so much better when I'm in a good routine, and I'm looking forward to feeling great and looking my best!


I suffer from some pretty intense exercise-induced itch (stomach and legs) when running or walking, but find that riding my bike doesn't have the same effect, so I'm trying to do that as often as possible! (Any tips / suggestions about how to deal with that would be very gratefully received...)



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