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Been busy and tired from sickness, just passed out instead of posting yesterday. I did some dumbell reps and pushups/situps. I'm doing about 20 pushups per rep now instead of 10, and 30 situps. Walked around disneyland today with my 3 year old as well.


meal 1: apple and banana

meal 2: apple and barley veggie salad

meal 3: seitan and rice in veggies, extra spicy

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Thank you . I will leave that judgement to him when he's older, hopefully he will hate me less than I hate mine!


I am recovering, still sniffly and sneezy and headachy, but nothing I can't exercise through. The challenge pumps me up more and gets me passionate and makes me try harder.

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meal 1: oatmeal and a lemon

meal 2: seitan sammich with veggies and avacado

meal 3: avacado no-egg rolls, snacked on an apple and some almonds too



No jogging today either, but I worked out more than I have all month. Did my triceps, biceps, forearms, legs, abs, some aerobics. Built up a nice sweat, was sore today and it feels good.

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pretty sore and rainy day, resting. played my flute to the rolling storm clouds


meal 1: veggie/fruit smoothie.. bananas apples kale carrots almond milk, blackberries

meal 2: last of 2nd batch of barley/bean/veggie soup

meal 3: black beans and potatoes, snacked on some cooked seitan.

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Spent the day walking, was still sore didn't do any weight lifting. Going to get ahold of some larger weights and start trying to build mass, I think.


meal 1: black bean and kale burrito

meal 2: carrots, almonds, and a peanut butter sandwich

meal 3: avacado spring rolls, though I botched them and it was more like a spring bowl. still tasted good.

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Today, I took my workout to the next level with an upper body dumbell session! For lack of larger weights, I gripped two weights per hand and tried to double what I'm used to. It works for now, poured out more sweat than I have all month! Someone noticed my muscles are beginning to look more defined today, too, which was nice.


meal 1: veggie/fruit smoothie

meal 2: black bean and sprout burrito

meal 3: bean/seed/veggie hot salad

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rest day today, my upper body is healing up, except for my abs. Need to increase my ab regimen. Doing some squats and calves and stretching, but didn't run.


meal 1: green smoothie, a banana, oatmeal and a lemon

meal 2: leftover vegetable/bean mix from last night.. had black beans, kale, onion, carrots, bok choy, red beans, some almonds, cabbage.. couple other veggies in there

meal 3: made a cheeseless calzone with much of the same vegetables and also tofu, had a red fruit smoothie with soy protein added as well.

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Still wrecked but recuperating. I can at least lift my arms over my head today haha. Worked on my abs today, started with planks then did some crazy crunches and situps, stretching etc.


ate pretty much the same as yesterday, smoothie for breakfast, made some veggie nori rolls and did a stir fry for dinner with the left over brown rice and veggies, with almonds in the mix.

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been so busy and haven't organized a post for the weekend yet. Did an upper body workout on Sunday, Saturday I did some cardio.


Been eating more or less the same things, maintaining a vegan diet. Ran out of B complex supplements so I'm using up some plain B12 before I get more. Thinking of getting some vitamin D as well to take with my multi as well.

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May I ask why you're thinking of taking extra D? Too much can be toxic, although you might not have to worry about that for the doses you're probably thinking of getting but one can usually get enough from 15 mins in the sun a few times a week.


And if you don't mind me getting all health-nerdy on ya: at this time, cyanocobalamin isn't a form of B12 anyone wants to waste their money on. Iirc, human bodies don't tend to convert it into a usable form much, and even when it does, it doesn't always make its way into our cells to do its intended tasks. Rather, the preferred form is a vegan Methylcobalamin, like the ones from the company Country Life, Deva, or Freeda (etc.) for instance. The former will tell you if the American Vegetarian Association certifies it as vegan or not, by a tiny symbol on their label lol. And now I'm off to bed lol.

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I was reading about all the health benefits of vitamin D and figured it couldn't hurt, haha.


After checking the label of the B-12 I have it is "Nature Made" brand and full of the supposedly useless one that starts with a C. Well shit.. they taste horrible anyway. I'll look for the Meth one next time I go shopping. Thanks a bunch for the health lesson lol , feel free to check my labels anytime!

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Haha that's kinda funny & thank you for letting me help you =)


One of the main reasons cyanocobolamine is as common as you will most likely find it to be, is because it is cheap to produce, according to price comparisons, and Prescription For Nutritional Healing. Great book btw, worth more than $30 imo.


Apparently vitamin D is the new fad supplement. It's all the rage and everyone is doing it in large doses lol. Calcium is so last century lol. Vitamin D is popular now because apparently you need it to absorb calcium! Gasp! Who knew! Oh wait... us health freaks did lol. And guess what - ya need more than D! Think Magnesium, vitamin K, and a plethora of trace minerals if nothing else!


Seniors come in my store all the time saying their doctors did a blood test and determined that they were deficient in D, and to take doses as high as 5'000 iu - toxic to anyone that isn't deficient, esp over a long period of time, as it is oil soluble and is therefore stored in the body, unlike vitamin C and B complex. If you do buy a vitamin D, make sure its D2, or ergocalciferol, as the popular D3 is not vegan lol.


Anyways lol, I'm done now!

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Teaching knowledge to others helps reinforce it, sounds like your supplement studies are going very well. I will do my best to keep pestering you about vitamins




meal 1: fruit and veggie smoothie and orange, some almonds

meal 2: burrito w brown rice and beans, avacado and veggies

meal 3: nori rolls with tofu, carrots, cucumber, avacado and cabbage


Forgot what else I munched on throughout the day, probably some more almonds and a banana



started out focused on my lower body for this day, but also did a shoulder dumbell workout, 30lb weights in reps of 5, which is heavy for me to lift with one arm. I can't do lateral raise/butterflies with this much weight yet so do 15lb for those, I CAN do the deltoid knee bent raise with the 30's, though, and curls and shoulder press. It's difficult but manageable.


Started and ended with planks again, did two sets of 20 pushups and 30 situps, 10 squats, then one legged jumping squats which were fun and kicked my ass haha. Got the calves worked out too, they are nice and sore. Also when I am doing curls/forearm/shoulder dumbell reps I remain in a bent leg/squat position as long as I can to get more butt strength.


Today my arms are not sore at all, so I think I'll do more upper body dumbells in a little bit, my legs got a nice workout though. Oh, and I found a few pair of boxing gloves in storage yesterday. Going to snag some mouthpieces at the store and pester someone to spar with me for extra cardio. Might end up with a partner twice my bodyweight, which is even more fun! =D

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Hey Mr. Adam! Congratulations on winning the contest the other day! You had a great answer! As one of the VB&F team members, I just wanted to make sure you saw Robert's post following the winner announcement to please send an email to [email protected] with your t-shirt size. I'm the one who mostly checks that email account, and while I saw the email you sent about the NYNY journal challenge, I didn't see your t-shirt size. Please do me a favor and put "NYNY Contest 7 Winner" in the subject line. Thanks so much!!

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