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took a rest day, stayed off my foot most of the day and painted. still painful to apply weight and walk with the foot, but it is noticeably better than yesterday.


meal 1 - almonds, smoothie

meal 2 - pb&j sandwich

meal 3 - big ( really huge, I could barely fold this sucker ) burrito. beans, rice, kale salsa, bell pepper, i threw a little of everything i had in the fridge into this burrito. Then I also used the rice to make a nori roll and ate that like a second burrito

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Hey Karen! I paint mostly digital these days, with an emphasis on fantasy/sci-fi, portraits, do cartography now and then. I update my blog more than my website - http://www.azsart.blogspot.com


Today I did a light dumbell workout, using 30lb. It's heavy enough to make me struggle, can do between 5-8 lifts. Still staying off of my foot, it's still swollen but less pain. Hope to be jogging again in a few days! =D

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I got my prize package today in the mail and was blown away by how much awesome was inside. Thank you so much guys! <3 <3


i took a vega pre workout and jogged twice as much as usual to start out, my foot is pretty much healed. Then got out the dumbells and went to town.. 20lb tricep, 30lb curls, shoulder press, lawnmower, then 50lb shoulder shrugs, two sets of 10 pushups, 20 leg lifts, repeat. lot of sweat today hahha.


Also ambushed my wife, slung her over my back and used her as a squat weight x10.


smoothie for breakfast and an avacado sandwich for lunch so far.


Again, thanks a ton you guys. I wish I could repay you all back in some way, I will support all the donors as much as I can in the future!

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NICE!!!! I love it! So happy your package arrived safe and sound. Did you get your second contest prize package as well? If not today, you'll likely get it tomorrow. You'll be happy with that one, too.


Hope you'll continue posting and being a valuable member of this community, and yeah, if you can support the donors and online stores, too, awesome!!


Glad your foot is just about back to normal!


All the best,


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I didn't get the second package today, but I did get your note saying that it was on the way : ) tyvm! I'll keep my journal going and even put up progress pics when I see noticeable resuts lol. My knowledge of health and fitness isn't as great as my understanding of the color wheel, but I'll do my best to be at least a member!


And yes, my foot is doing well, thank you!

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Here, have a myspace angle bathroom shot. Go team Vega!



and my core muscles are sore too, I just didn't realize it until I tried to move them hahahahha, so today is a rest one. Did some jumping jacks, though.

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Did a short jog today followed by an upper body dumbbell workout. I didn't write down the exact weights and reps, it's not my goal. As long as I am consistently working my body out and look good in my birthday suit then I'm happy. And I am happy to say that today was the most intense workout all year. The Vega products lit a fire under my ass and the burn feels great.


Just for loose record keeping, I did bicep curls 25lb three sets of 8 to 10, tricep three sets of about 10 at 15lb.


I tried this tri-chest routine that was really hard, 10 pushups ( hands in a fist, so lifting on knuckles ), then immediately flop over and do butterflies, and then without stopping finish it off with chest press. The first set I did 25lb, then the second I had to downgrade to 20, by the time I got to the third set I could barely do 1 pushup, but still managed 10 butterflies at 20lb, and about 5 chest presses.


Also did shoulder shrugs three sets of 10 with 45lb dumbbells, the third set was closer to 6 or 8, my grip was weakened by then lol. Also did three sets of lawnmower ( I don't know the proper term for this, deltoid raise or something ) 10 @ 30lb... uh shoulder press at 25lb, third set was a struggle and only did about 4 or 5.


Bunch of situps, crunches, jack knife situps, and left lifts... and miscellaneous other weight lifting. Tommorrow I'll focus on lower body.

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Are you sighing at my forehead wrinkle glistening with sweat? lol


Nice, Adam! That's fantastic! I'm also loving the fact that you're diggin' the Vega! Great work today, Adam!!
Thanks goes to you guys for sending them my way! They really are awesome products.


I want to leave a little bit of happy daily thoughts or motivational quotes in this journal. Today is rife with struggle so to start it off with something I read that perked me up.


"Learn to enjoy the struggle. Our most memorable goals we achieve in our lives are always extra special because of the many hardships we had to endure before succeeding. Those memories will be some of your fondest when you're successful. So take sometime to live in the moment and enjoy the struggle before achieving bigger and better things. " - Bobby Chui

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It's Monday, the start of a new week! More Bobby Chui positivity:


"Never give up just because you don't think you're good enough. We've all had our doubts in life. Successful people do not give up easily. We must prepare and prepare again, try your very hardest and then about 50% more that you didn't know you had consistently, then keep going twice as long as you ever thought you would or could. Look for more knowledge and try again."


OK today I still have dumbbells, didn't want to strain my elbows too much as my upper body is really sore. Focused on lighter weights and proper form. I also have no idea what I'm doing, but thanks to youtube I was able to find out how to do these properly


stretched and warmed up for 5 or 10 mins. It's cold and rainy so no jogging.


squats: 40lb x 12, 50lb x 8, 60lb x 6

straight legged deadlift: 40lb x 12, 50lb x 8, 60lb x 6

calf raise: 40lb x 12, 50lb x 8, 60lb x 6

leg lifts: 20, 10

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