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Good job on your taxes. I admire anyone who can do that on their own.


I use Turbotax online, it's super easy.


Did my upper body routine today, roughly the same as last week, with more situps.


I also learned how to tie my hair in a ponytail all by myself. Now I don't have to harass Mrs. Adam to do it haha.

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I thought I felt some Minavibes today


I had a dream about you a few days ago. I went to California to meet up with you. I/we (?) were on a bus. At one point we were in the goth club, and the very beautiful Maki was there, in the background. Odd dream. Unsettling, yet seemed prophetic.

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Mina: lol the transit system can be quite eventful. If we do hang out I will get you a protein shake as promised


Jessica: ty! I will post before/after photos soon as my physique shows a noticeable difference! Hopefully soon.


Mac and Cheese recipe, I used a modified version ( for lack of ingredients ) of this -




I would suggest using coconut oil instead of vegetable/canola oil whenever possible.




Edit: what the heck, here is where I'm at right now. I don't think I took any good photos from December that are the same angle.



Yesterday I didn't do any other workout, so today I focused on lower body. I could only do two sets or so before my muscles turned to jello.. used 30lb dumbbells to start for all of them, then moved down to 25lb:


warmed up with a fast run, stretching, 10 pushups/20 situps


split squat L + R: 15, 9

squats: 15, 15, 10

stiff legged deadlifts: 12, 8, 7

calf raise: 20, 15

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Hey Adam! I was cruising the Caribbean last week, with no internet access, so haven't checked in on your journal for a while. Looks like you're doing great with consistency, and that's awesome! I need to get back on track, so it's inspiring to see you're still on!


Keep at it, my friend!


All the best,


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Karen- I'm glad you had fun in the Caribbean! Been there once myself, it's beautiful.

Mina- Hell YES

Robert- Thanks for taking the time to check in! I'm doing OK!


Took three days off, then worked out yesterday, I think I did more crunches in one sitting than I ever had before. It was over 100, and I lost count then flopped to the ground thinking that I was awesome.


Focused on my upper body, upper back, arms, shoulders. Can hit the lower body today if I get time.

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