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LauraF 2012 Journal


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I've been vegan since May 2008, I'm now heavier than when I was pregnant with my daughter in 2007 and suffered from preganancy related heart failure. So i've decided something has to be done now! I'm 5'3 and currently at 98kgs. I would love to be down to 65kgs- I've not been that slim since school!


I don't smoke, drink or take drugs but my vice is food.....I love food!! I just need to eat more of the right kind. I've looked into the 80-10-10 diet which appeals, but I think cost would be an issue for me. I received a blender for Christmas so lots of smoothies and shakes for me in the new year I think!


I signed up to my local gym in October and I've managed to go twice weekly most weeks (not this week) since then although I would like to go more often (three times a week) in the new year.......which reminds me I need to go and renew my gym membership.



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Thanks Biglance


Today I have had a slowish day working out....easing myself back into it after the Xmas break.


Fiirst thing this morning I walked 2.6 miles with my dog.

Did usual housework/ran around after my 4 and a half year old.


I'm hoping to get a workout at the gym tomorrow if its open. (fingers crossed)




Food today:


10am 190g of Medhool dates


1pm Soy Mince Stew with Couscous


6pm Soya burger (in a bun) with tomato, cucumber salad and carrots

Tin of Pineapple slices


Calories worked out at about 1800 on Cron-O-Meter


It's quite hard to cook meals at the moment as we only have a wood stove or gas camping stove to cook on, so thinking about doing more raw especially as my partner has said he will have a week of raw with me next week- Always good to have someone to do it with!


Another thing I've realised I need to do is step up my water intake- make sure I get at least 8 glasses! I don't feel like I've drunk enough today.

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Gym was open today....very happy!


So I did a 5 mile dog walk this morning. Then at the gym this evening I did:


- 7kms on the rowing machine burning 354 calories in a time of 41.45 mins

- 15 Minutes on the cycling machine which was 7.53kms and burned 100 calories.


I always like to have a figure to aim for with the rowing.


Breakfast- was again dates 200g

Mid morning snack - 2 x rice cakes

Lunch- Baked potato with Beans

Mid afternoon snack- 2 x rice cakes

Dinner- 2 x Vegetable wrap with lettuce


Cron-o-Meter says 1820 calories


I managed to drink just over a litre of water today, aiming for more tomorrow!

Weight today 208.5lbs.

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Today has been a day of housework, not enjoyed it but needs must as back at work tomorrow.


Today I have eaten:


Breakfast: 170g medjool dates


Snack: Tin of Pineapple slices in juice


Meal: Vegetable stew with dumplings


Snack: Tin of Pineapple slices in juice



I've drunk just over 1 litre of water again.


No exercise as such.....just housework.

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Feeling tired now after first day back at work and a couple of hours at the gym, but tired in a good way.....I know I worked harder than I have in a while today.


Today I have eaten:


Breakfast: 3 Rice cakes

Lunch: Baked beans on Toast and a Banana Smoothie

Afternoon Snack: 170g dates

Dinner: Thin pizza with artichoke, courgette, tomato, mushroom and pepper on (no 'cheese')


Cron-O-Meter says 1202 Calories before pizza, not sure how many calories for pizza.


I managed to drink 2 and a half litres of water (some juice) today and I feel better for it!


At the gym:


-Rowing Machine 8km, 404 Calories burned. 48.38 mins (Level 10 high resistance)

-Abdominal Crunch 1 set of 15 @ 15kgs and 2 sets of 15 at 20kgs

-Leg Extension 3 sets of 10 @20kgs

-Pectoral Machine 3 sets of 5 @20kgs

-Exercise Bike 20 minutes burning 147 Calories, distance unknown (Level 3)


Sorry I dont know the correct way to list the weights done....also I'm just listing them by the name that's on the machine at the gym so I remember.


Weight today: 208lbs

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Rest day today from the gym, but had a full day of work and housework. Arms still ache a bit from yesterdays work out.


Today I ate:


Breakfast: Lentil Salad

Lunch: 2 x Cereal bowls of pepper, red onion and sweetcorn with a tablespoon of vinegrette on each and a handful of potato wedges

Dinner: 100g dates


Water Intake today 1 and a half litres.


Does anyone know of a good android app to keep track of calories etc? I'm finding it hard to use Cron o meter on an evening and it would be handy to see what i've eaten whilst i'm out during the day.


I *think* I've consumed around 2100 calories today. Not ideal, need more self control. Hoping to get to the gym after work tomorrow.

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I got to the gym after work yesterday but it meant not getting home after the workout until 1am, which is why im posting yesterdays workout today.


Food yesterday was:


Breakfast: 200g dates

snack: snack sized bag of rice cakes

Lunch: 2 cereal sized bowls of carrot, red onion and sweetcorn, no dressing

Dinner: 3 wholemeal pittas with mock duck, tomatoes and rocket.


myfitness pal says 2149 cals. I hadnt realised there was so many calories in pitta!!


Water for today: 2.5 litres


Weight today: 203lbs, i've lost a stone since October 2nd.


At the gym yesterday i tried to match or better all the previous workout. I managed until the cycling


- Rowing machine 8300m, 48.55 mins 422 calories

- Abdominal crunch 3 sets of 15 @ 20kgs, 1 set of 5 @ 25kgs

- Leg extension 3 sets of 10 @20kgs

- Pectoral machine 3 sets of 5 @20kgs

-Seated cycling 10 minutes , 4.89kms 73 cals


I've hit my target for the gym 3 times this week.

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Work has been hectic this weekend just gone. Glad I got in my 3 gym visits before it!


What I ate Saturday:


Breakfast: Snack pack of rice cakes

Lunch: Houmous with carrot sticks and an Iced bun

Dinner: Chickpea, potato, spinach and mushroom curry with pearl barley


Myfitnesspal says 1807 cals


Water consumption was around 2 litres.


And Sunday:


Breakfast: Carrot sticks with houmous

Lunch: 200g of Halawi dates

Dinner: Vegan fry up (my treat to myself for losing a stone) included beans, mushrooms, tomatoes, scrambled tofu, 'bacon', 'sausages', hash browns and toast.


I couldnt get an accurate total on myfitnesspal but i think it was around 2500 cals.


Again water consumption was around 2 litres.


Back to the gym today, and a day off from work.

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Thanks Karen for your kind words!! It gave me a much needed boost today


Today i have eaten:


lunch: meatballs with a tomato sauce and quinoa

dinner: pitta with mock duck, cherry tomato and rocket and 400ml of chocolate rice dream


myfitnesspal says cals for food are 2304 a big chunk of that is due to the wholemeal pittas. I only had them cos i had some left over. I wont be buying them again!


At the gym i did:


-Rowing 8700metres for 53.44 mins burning 438 cals

-Abdominal crunches 3 sets of [email protected] 25kgs

-Leg Extension 3 sets of 7 @ 25kgs

-Pectoral 3 sets of 5 @25kgs , and 1 set of 2 @ 30kgs

-Cross trainer 10 mins burning 86 cals --0.49 kms


Back at work tomorrow.

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Thanks Miz!


Today I had a half day at work, so managed to get to the pool. It's been so long since I've had a proper swim because I usually have my daughter who is 4 (so can't) and my gym doesn't have a pool (the small amount of time I get to myself is spent at the gym) but today my partner watched my daughter while I did some lengths.


I managed to do 150 metres twice and tread water/walk around the rest of the time (trying to teach my daughter to swim). My arms were getting very heavy towards to end of the 150's. Going to go again next week.


Today I have eaten:


Breakfast: Packet of walkers squares (I wasnt happy with this but was all I managed to grab before work)

Lunch: 4 rice cakes, 6 cherry tomatoes and a small jam donut (again wasn't happy with this but made up for it for dinner.......

Dinner: Reduced fat houmous with carrot sticks, adzuki and edamame bean salad and 180g of Halawi dates.


Myfitnesspal says 1687 calories. Water consumption just over a litre.


Gym tomorrow hopefully

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I've been feeling a bit under the weather today, so decided to leave the gym until tomorrow and get a good nights sleep tonight.


Today I have eaten:


Breakfast: 3 x rice cakes

Snack: 50g of marinated tofu

Lunch: Houmous with carrot sticks, bean salad and a small banana

Dinner: Pizza with artichoke, courgette, mushroom, pepper and tomato. (no 'cheese')


Myfitnesspal states 2094 calories, but that was with the pizza including cheese, olives and pesto- all of which I didn't have on it.


Water consumption- just over a litre of fluids so far today, will be having more before bed.

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After a decent nights sleep I hit the gym this morning before I did anything else.


First I started on the cross trainer. The first time I went to the gym in October I struggled to do 5 minutes. Today I did 50 minutes on level 1. Not amazing but ten times better than a few months ago! I burned 469 calories doing 2.73kms.


Next I did:


Abdominal crunches: 3 lots of 10 @25kgs

Pectoral: 3 lots of 9 @25kgs........ I really struggled to manange the ninth

Leg Extension machine: 2 lots of 7 @25kgs and one lot of [email protected]


Then I did 20 minutes on the rowing machine, burning 180 calories doing 3507metres on level 10 (the highest resistance)


I drank one litre and a half whilst at the gym and another litre and a half throughout the rest of the day. I definitely felt better doing the workout in the morning although with work it's not always possible.


Food today:


Breakfast (before gym): 11 Hadrawi dates

Lunch: 2 soy burgers (one bun), a cup of cucumber salad (included spring onions, cucumber and rice vinegar) and 5 plum tomatoes and 4 lettuce leaves

Dinner: A cup of boiled rice and a small portion of chips


Myfitnesspal says 1392 Calories


Weight today: 203lbs

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Third workout this week completed today:


- Cross Trainer 55 minutes 3.31kms and 562 calories

- Abdominal Crunches 3 lots of 13 @25kgs

- Leg Extension 1 lots of 10 @25kgs and 2 lots of 7 @25kgs

- Pectoral 3 lots of 5 @30kgs

- Rowing machine 15 minutes 2637 metres and burning 135 calories


Today I have eaten:


Breakfast: 5 dates

Snacks: Packet of walkers squares

Lunch: Small mushroom and onion pizza (no 'cheese'), handful of potato wedges and a cereal bowl of salad

Dinner: 60g Houmous, 2 large carrots and 2 celery stalks


MyFitnessPal says 1637 calories


So far I have consumed 2 litres of water, will be having more before bed.


Didn't get chance to weigh myself today as changing rooms were busy when I was leaving the gym.

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No work today but a day full of housework. Also squeezed in a 2.6 mile walk.


Food today:


Breakfast: 5 dates

Snack: Snack a jack rice snack

Lunch: Vegetable stew and dumplings

Dinner: 2 Small soya burgers with bun, 0.3 cup of couscous and a cup of cucumber soaked in rice vinegar.


MyFitnessPal says 1672 Calories


Water consumption 1 litre and a half water/juice

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Rest day again today although I spent most of the day sanding, painting, cleaning and removing excess grout from tiles.


Today I ate:


Breakfast: wholemeal bread roll with a tablespoon of peanut butter

Lunch: 7 medjool dates

Dinner: Sausage Casserole with a cup of Pearl barley (casserole included vegan sausages, butter beans, potatoes, cannellini beans, sweetcorn, chopped tomatoes, onion and garlic

Supper: Warm lemon water


Myfitnesspal cals:1807 - I'm hoping this is accurate as I'm finding it hard to calculate for the main meals- I made a big pot of casserole for all family so can't work out exactly what I ate.


Water intake today: 1 litre - I never seem to drink enough when I'm not at the gym

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My workout today:


-60 minutes on cross trainer, doing 3.64km and burning 613 calories

-Abdominal crunches 3 lots of 15 @25

-Leg extension 3 lots of 8 @30

-Pectoral machine 0 - gym was so busy there was a queue for this whenever i was free so instead i did......

-Rowing machine 25 minutes, 4141 metres, 209 calories


Food today was.......


Breakfast: 2 glasses of tomato juice

Lunch: Potato, lentil and chickpea tikka masala with pearl barley

Dinner: one celery stick, one carrot and 50g houmous and a snack pack of rice cakes

Supper: Hot chocolate made with soya milk


Myfitnesspal calories: 1374


Weight today:203lbs exactly still- bit disappointed with it.

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Happened to be in the area where my gym is so had an impromtu visit and did:



-60 minutes on cross trainer, doing 3.63km and burning 615 calories (30 minutes on level 1. 30 on level 2)

-Abdominal crunches 3 lots of 15 @25

-Leg extension 3 lots of 8 @30

-Pectoral machine 0 - gym was so busy again there was a queue for this whenever i was free so instead i did......

-Rowing machine 25 minutes, 4220 metres, 214 calories


Going today saved me doing a 40 mile round trip tomorrow and the fuel to go with it.


Food today:


Breakfast: Snack pack of rice cakes

Snack: Tropical smoothie

Lunch: Soya burger with bun, with cup of mixed side salad-- Chocolate fudge cake with ice cream for pudding (we were eating out)

Snack:Growing naturals vanilla protein powder made with water

Dinner: Pasta with spicy tomato sauce and grilled whole mushrooms


Myfitnesspals calories: 1875


I'm a bit confused with the calories, myfitnesspal deducts my workout calories from what i've eaten, so should I be eating more calories to reach target amount like it says? (I'm trying to lose weight)


Water consumption today just shy of 2 litres. Weight today 202lbs.

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Third Workout done this week already today! Works been very quiet so making the most of the time off. Will have to go to gym again this week though as won't be able to wait until next week!


Workout today:


- 60 minutes on cross trainer doing 3.53kms and burning 489 calories (although I missed where it asked for my weight so i'm guessing it should have been more like yesterdays total of 600 for a similar workout. Level 1 20 minutes, level 2 20 minutes and level 3 20 minutes

- Abdominal crunches 1 lot of 4 @30, 1 lot of 5 @30, l lot of 2 @30, and 1 lot of 10 @25

- Leg extension 3 lots of 8 @30, 1 lot of 2 @25

- Pectoral 3 lots of 11 @25 and 1 lot of 3 @30

- 15 minutes on stationary bike, 8.01 kms burning 98 calories


Food today:


Breakfast: 4 large grilled mushrooms with worcester sauce and 'cheese' powder

Lunch: small portion of pasta with 'cheese' powder

Dinner: 2 soya burgers in a bun, couscous, grilled mushrooms and a slice of garlic bread.


Myfitnesspal : 1283 calories


I wasn't very hungry today really. Looking at it now I should have tried to use more calories before dinner. Water consumption: 1 litre and a half. Weight 202lbs


With work being slow I managed to read a bit more or Roberts book. I hope to have it finished by the end of the week.

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Rest day today. Went to work, had a crappy day and I'm glad to be home!


Food for today:


Breakfast: Houmous wrap

Snack: Low fat crisps and a banana

Lunch: One slice of pizza with no cheese, 2 cereal bowls of salad (peppers,onions,sweetcorn,couscous)

Dinner: Small plate of pasta and 2 tablespoons of 'cheese' powder


Myfitnespal Calories: 1964


Water consumption: just over 1 litre

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Rest day today. Went to work, had a crappy day and I'm glad to be home!




i know what its like to have a bad day at work, try not to let it affect your workout and nutrition pan as your doing a great job.

Enjoy reading your journal, keep up the good work

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