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2012, my year to be happy!! Pics/logs/updates/journal


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Thanks so much for the responses!! Kareno- I use sparkpeople.com s nutrition tracker. Mj- I have such a love for the smith machine.. I feel like I am not gonna fall over, or drop weights on my head or foot lol..but after reading these, I am convinced to give them up, and try it the regular way!! I am always worried about proper form, but will check into videos of form before attempted to do them without the smith. Thanks for taking the time to reply!!

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Had a decent work out today. Was a bit sporadic. My couple friends who joined had their free assessment with LA fitness today, so that took a while. I did one as well and will post the results later. I am also pretty bummed, was hoping to be able to sign up for personal training sessions, but man are they expensive. I would be paying more for sessions in a month, than what my rent costs. Wish I could afford, but will do my best without! In short, did step aerobics for a few minutes, stairmaster for 10 minutes, bench presses, squats and jump roping.

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I'm so amazingly sore today!! I feel like my calfs are deeply bruised, and going to explode lol. It is GREAT having my couple friends joining my bf and I at the gym. Great support, and mutual motivation. I worked so hard today, at the end of it just for fun, we decided to do a sprint race. During the middle, my legs gave out on me, and I fell so hard lmao. My friend also rolled on the floor...laughing Was a great time!!


Low Row Machine- 4x24-75 lbs

Lat pull down-4x24 -70lbs

Db Deadlift 3x24-10lbs each arm


Shoulder Shrugs DB 4x40-20lbs each arm

Side raises 4x40 -5lbs each arm

Front raises 2x20 5 lbs each arm

Shoulder DB Press 4x40 -15lbs each arm


DB Bicep Curl 3x20-15lbs each arm

Hammer Curl 3x20-15 lbs each arm

Bicep chin assist machine 3x20 180lbs

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