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Portia's training diary 2012

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First workout today Chest & Triceps, not been to the gym for about 8 days dues to memership running out and waiting to get a new one. Now sorted with a Gym membership.


Workout went well did not lift as much as i had been, but felt much better for going.

10 min warm up on x-trainer

Incline chest press 15lbs 15 reps/20 lbs 12 reps/ 25lbs 10reps

Incline flyes 10lbs 15 reps/12.5lbs 12 reps/ 15lbs 10 reps

Tricep pushdown 10lbs 20 reps/ 15lbs 12 reps/ 20lbs 10 reps

Overhead presses 17.5lbs 20 reps/ 20lbs 15 reps/ 22.5lbs 12 reps

kickbacks 10lbs 12 reps/ 12.5 lbs 10 reps/ 12.5lbs 10 reps


I finshed with some stretches.


Weight today was 158.5 lbs prefer to be 150lbs so thats my goal for january 2012.

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what i ate today


Meal 1- 1/2 cup oats, 6oz of tofu, 1/2 cup mango and 1 spoon of agave (blended up like a smoothie)

Meal 2- post workout vega shake and Banana

Meal 3- 1/2 cup oats and some pumpkin protein powder

Meal 4- 150g sweet potato, 100g of tomatoes & cumcumbers, 100g tempeh and 1/4 avocado

Meal 5- 6oz tofu, 50g black beans, spinach and peppers made into a curry

Meal 6- 3 x Rice cakes with 2tablespoons of peanut butter


Does any one know where i can buy nitrofusion protein powder in Vancouver ? i know its available on Bodybuilding.com but postage is a bit much.


I am currently using Vega sport does anyone have any other reccomendations for Vegan protein powder?

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Plan for the week


Monday - Chest and Triceps

Tuesday- Cardio

Wednesday- Back and Biceps

Thursday- Cardio

Friday- Legs and Shoulders

Saturday- Cardio

Sunday- Yoga or Pilates


i am sticking to 20 mins HIIT cardio for now i will start to increase as the weeks progess.

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Today was cardio – I did 20 minutes on a spin bike varying the intensity some sprints and hill climbs depending on what music came on my iPod, was a great workout and finished with some abs and stretching.


Keeping cardio separate from weight training at the minute as I have not done any cardio for about 3 weeks.


My meal plan will probably stay the same as I generally make everything on a weekend for the week so it’s easier for work.


Also any ideas where I can get tempeh for less that $4 a packet I get it from whole foods in Vancouver, I know choices do it but it’s the same price. Looking for a cheaper price or bigger packet. Same goes for protein powder anything that tastes half decent I use Vega but it’s a bit expensive.

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I don't know about tempeh sources, but I'm in love with PlantFusion for protein powder. It has a very soft taste...If you can't find it locally, they have it at veganessentials. (The berry one tastes a bit like a funky kids' vitamin to me, but original, chocolate, and vanilla are all lovely as per my taste buds :) ) I *think* it's made by the same company as NitroFusion.

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So today was back & biceps




I warmed on the rower for 10 mins (2000 meters) 100metres fast 100 meters recovery.




(All weights are in pounds)


Lat Pull-down 40/20- 55/15- 70/7


Seated Row 27.5/15- 40/12- 55/15 (will need to up the weight next week)


Deadlifts 30/15- 40/12- 50/12 (will need to up the weight next week)


Barbell curls 20/15- 30/12- 40/6


Incline Curls 7.5/15 – 10/12- 12.5/10


Preacher curls- 3 sets of 8 reps on hardly any weight my biceps were so fatigued from the other exercises.


I finished off with some stretching.


It was a great workout consistency is the key and a good clean diet, feeling better can’t wait to get back to my best, and in a routine with the gym and eating after recent travels. We moved from Australia to Canada in November 2011 so some transition for the first month or so.



I have noticed spots on my face and body probably from cleaning up my diet after xmas and it’s my first week being vegan (vegetarian for about 10 years), feeling great and in the zone so much so at the gym at 5.30am before work.


Only problem i'am finding is that i seem to have heartburn , never really suffered from it. Just wondering if its a change in my diet slightly? Will keep an eye on it seewhat happens with it.


Cardio in the morning before work

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Today was Cardio-I did the spin bike again some hill sprints and climbs and some flat sprints. Felt great feeling stronger every day.




Finished with some abs work, but really need to find some structure to my core work, and a plan. I am hoping to go to yoga over the weekend help with flexibility and core.




I stretched for about 10 minutes.




Having trouble sleeping at night, I’m thinking increase in good decent clean foods is causing me to have an energy surge!! When I get up at 5am I’m not that tired and throughout the day I don’t seem to be having an afternoon slump, I suppose I should rejoice in the energy!!




Will probably change a few things next week just variety in the food were eating keep it interesting and will probably attempt to make some homemade protein bars over the weekend.




Been drinking plenty of water and green tea throughout the day, gave up my coffee and splenda, but feeling loads better for it, plus hoping my skin will clear up over the next week.

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Well today was Legs & Shoulders




I warmed up with 10 minutes on the x-trainer 10 seconds fast and 20 seconds recovery.




Leg Extension (One leg at a time)4/15 45/12 50/9


45 degree leg press 50/15 60/12 70/20


Walking Lunges 3 sets across the gym floor with medicine ball over head


Stiff legged deadlifts 40 /15 50/12 60/12


Calf raises 165/25 165/25 165/25


Shoulder press 15/15 17.5/12 20/12


Lateral raises 7.5 /15 10 /10 12.5/7


Rear delt (machine) 30/15 35/12 40/9


I’m not sure if I should be doing more reps on my legs as I find these really lack any development and by nature I have big thighs, any advice from women in the same situation?



Cardio tomorrow then relax, will try and post some photos at weekend plus some food photos

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Today was cardio- I used the spin bike did 2 minutes started off at level 5 ( effort wise) then every minute increase until your at level 9 all out effort then start the cycle again, last minte is absolute maximum effort.


I was whacked after wards!! I finshed with ab exercises and some stretches, my legs are so sore from yesterdays work out.Struggling to sit down lol!


Tomorrow will be a rest day but may go yoga depends on going grocery shopping and making meals.


I have took photos today, but i may not post until the end of the month. I weighed myself i was 158.5 last week and this week 151.3, which is great.


I did say i would like to be 150lbs but i think 140lbs would be great

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Did not make it to yoga today had to go grocery shopping and prepare food for the week, but will try get there next week.


Just prepared sweet potato for lunches , chopped mixed veg for evening meals and oats for breakfast.


We bought 2 tubs of genuine health vegan protein powder Double Chocolate they were on offer at Whole foods $33.99 a tub , think there on special until end of january.


We also attempted to make some home made protein bars ( See mattpb's blog for picture) they seem to come out really good


ready for the gym tomorrow Chest & triceps i will know what weights i will be lifting now.

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Chest & Triceps




I had a better idea of what weights I can lift today, just remembering to maintain form and stretch at the end.




Ellipitcal 10 minutes 10 second sprints 20 second rest (repeat)




Incline Chest press 20/15 25/8 27.5/5


Incline Chest Flyes 12.5/12 15/10 15/12


Tricep pushdown 20/15 25/8 27.5/8


Tricep dips (assisted) 150/8 140/12 140/12


Overhead extension 22.5/15 25/10 27.5/8




Stretches at the end and all day remembering to keep my shoulders back and maintain good posture.




Feeling good enjoying every minute, food still the same except with my black beans at night made a little hummus just roasted garlic, lemon and blitzed up in the ninja blender, worked out well.




It Seems like I can have more variety in my food since becoming Vegan and experiment more with food and flavors.




Tomorrow is cardio have more a plan with cardio this week maybe next week will add 3 minutes onto the 20 keep my body guessing.

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Today was Cardio I did 20 minutes on the spin bike




1 minute sprints (I really put the effort in)


1 minute recovery




I stretched and did some abs with the exercise ball and bosu.






Last night I did a 20 minute Winsor Pilates DVD hoping to do one a few times a week to help strengthen my core and stretch my body out.




Feeling great totally in the zone! Had stir fry for tea last night broccoli, carrots, Chinese cabbage with tofu and a little bit of soy sauce I have to say it was so nice, I really enjoyed it.




Tomorrow is back & biceps looking forward to it, will try creating some more recipes thinking about a vegan pizza with an Ezekiel wrap, some tomato sauce, daiya cheese and a side salad and tofu.

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10 minutes on rower


2000 meters (100 meters fast 100 meters slow repeated)




Deadlifts 60/15 70/10 70/10


Lat pulldown 55/15 65/10 70/10


Seated row 55/15 70/10 75/8


Barcell curl 30/15 40/10 40/10


Incline curls 10/15 12.5/12 15/8


Alternating curls 15/12 17.5/8 17.5/8




My biceps felt pumped, finished off with some stretches. Tonight I did a Winsor Pilates 20 minute DVD; I’m feeling really good at the minute and enjoying my food.




Had a few people ask me at work ask me what I eat and their surprised I eat 1800 calories a day and get sufficient protein, funny thing was the woman who asked me probably does not eat enough herself and she’s a meat eater.




We (me and mattpb) have decided to add an extra calorie day every 4 days we have done this in the past and it has worked well for us, so tomorrow will be food as normal but I will add 4 dates to breakfast, up my morning snack to 1 cup of oats, add 50g of sweet potato at lunch, and an extra rice cake and 4 more dates.


Today I feel a bit hungry so we will trial it for a few weeks see how we respond, we found last time you really look forward to the extra calories as you need them for energy and it gives you a mental boost.

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Today was cardio only


i used the ellipitical machine


Min Level of exersion

1 5

2 5

3 6

4 7

5 8

6 9

7 6

8 7

9 8

10 9

11 6

12 7

13 8

14 9

15 6

16 7

17 8

18 9

19 10

20 5


I was dripping in sweat after it, i really pushed myself and i finished with some abs and stretches.


Been trying to come up with recipes all day at work, think i may attempt tofu sausages at the weekend thought about a thai curry but I think the coconut milk will blow my macros!!


Tomorrow is Legs and Shoulders

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Forgot to say today was extra calorie day so i added dates with Breakfast, 1/2 cup more oats at snack, 50g more sweet potato at lunch and an extra rice cake and some more dates felt fuller today will keep me going until Monday then its another extra calorie day and every 4th day after that.

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Today was Legs and Shoulders




I take a notepad to the gym and a mechanical pencil but the lead broke so I had to kind of engrave my pages with the weight some I had to guess when writing it up.




Warm up 10 minute spin bike 10 second sprints, 20 second rest (repeated)




45 degree Leg Press 70/25 80/20 90/15


Leg Extension 40/25 45/15 50/12


Lunges 10/20 15/15 17.5/12


Stiff legged deadlift 60/15 60/15 60/15 (My grip gave in before my hamstrings sore from Biceps on Wednesday)


Calf raises (cannot remember weights or reps and I can’t make out what I have scratched in my note pad!!)




Shoulder press 20/15 22.5/8 22.5/8


Lateral raise on Low pulley 5/20 5/20 10/8


Rear delt machine 35/15 40/15 45/12




I feel like I need to spilt this day up as I can’t seem to give my shoulders the full attention they need and I find myself rushing to finish before work so would seem reasonable to do them separately.




Tonight I did a Winsor Pilates core & abs dvd feel like this really helping me, will be going to see the chiropractor tomorrow will ask about running on my hip, I’m looking forward to it as my neck and shoulders are tight. I also found some yoga Vids online so will try do them as well.




I think next week will look like this




Monday- Chest & Triceps




Wednesday- Back & Biceps


Thursday- Shoulders & cardio


Friday- Legs


Saturday- Cardio


Sunday- Yoga or Pilates

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today was cardio


i did 20 minutes on the spin bike- i was wiped out after wards.


finished with some abs and stretching.


i went to the chiropractor today he cracked my back and neck felt great afterwards as my neck and shoulder gets super tight. will trial running next week as i have not done any for fear of my hip aching and hurting.


I weighed myself after my workout i was super dispapointed as i weighed in as 155lbs i was 151 last week i have ate the same everyday, i probably have not drank as much water today as i usually would at work.


Does anyone one have any idea where i can find a female vegan contest diet? i am desperate to give one ago in about 6 weeks to see how i handle it and to be honest look my best!


I find i struggle on the weekends to maintain the same level of strictness as the week, i stick to my meals but find myself wondering! Think i am going to try reading at night to help me relax .

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Today was Chest & triceps




Warm up elliptical 10 minutes 10 second sprint, 20seconds rest (repeated)




Incline chest press 25/12 27.5/6 27.5/5


Incline flyes 15/15 17.5/12 17.5/12


Tricep pushdown 20/15 22.5/12 25/9


Tricep overhead extensions 25/15 27.5/10 27.5/10


Tricep dip 55/15 60/12 65/11


(I usually use the assisted dip machine, but it was busy so used the normal dip machine)




I pushed myself today; I was done quite quick keep rest to a minute.




I have reduce my food slightly I just felt like I was eating more than I needed I was eating around 1900 calories a day but have made minor changes so skim a few calories.




I was at 1778 calories, 51.5g fats, 178 carbs and 139 Protein.




Now I’m at 1589 calories 44.35 fats, 168 carbs and 136.1 Protein

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Today was back & biceps




I warmed up for ten minutes on the rower




2000meters 100 meters fast 100 meters rest (repeated)




Lat pulldowns 57.5/15 60/12 70/8


Seated rows 70/10 70/10 70/10


Deadlifts 30/15 30/15 30/15 (I usually use pre-weighted bar but gym busy so used dumbbells)


Barbell curl 40/10 40/10 40/10 – this one was 4+4+2 (I might have to go down to 30lbs as my form was not perfect)


Alternating curls 15/15 17.5/8 17.5/9


Incline curls 12.5/15 15/8 15/9




I forgot my gym gloves so my hands were wrecked by the end still burning now!


It was a great workout and I pushed myself and kept a positive attitude throughout.




My food plan has changed slightly I have included it




Breakfast- Made into a smoothie


½ Block of tofu


½ Cup of oats


½ cup of OJ


¼ cup Blueberries


1 Teaspoon of Blackstrap Molasses






½ Cup of Oats


1 Serve of pumpkin seed protein powder






100g Sweet potato


100g Tomatoes/Cucumbers


¼ Avocados


1 Block of tempeh or fake Chicken






2 Rice cakes


1 Tablespoon of Natural Peanut Butter




Evening Meal-


½ Block Of tofu


200g Mixed Veg (Pepper, Broccoli, Pak Choi)


25g Cooked Brown rice Noodles




Before Bed-


1 serving of Vega Sport or Genuine Health Vegan proteins




Calories – Roughly 1650-1700 Carbs 190.6 Protein 136.1 fats 44.35




If anyone is interested in some extra motivation check out Skip LaCour’s Mass machine challenge (I have entered it just requires you to update a journal on bodybuilding.com and there is some great prizes to be won) - it runs for 6 months so great way to be accountable for your own actions, Plus you can follow you own eating & Nutrition plan you don’t need to buy his products or anything like that. Also check out his podcast on iTunes 15 minutes of positive information I listen to it before the gym.



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Today was cardio




I ran for the first time in about 3 weeks.




I ran for 25 minutes




Warm up 2 mins and 1% incline




Sprints for one minute ranging from 6.0mph to 8.5mph with 30 second recovery time. It felt great to be running again my favorite form of Cardio.




I finished with some ab work and stretching.


I ate 6 clean nutritious meals today and drank a lot of water, one day closer to my goals.




Tomorrow is cardio and Shoulders.

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